The practical implications and limitations of investing in Africa

By Janice Roberts

RisCuraPlease join us for RisCura’s inaugural Bright Africa webcast. This session, created with global institutional investors in mind, will cover:

  • The development and investability of Africa’s listed markets
  • Supply and demand of investment opportunities in African private equity
  • Risk considerations when deploying capital in Africa

Who should attend?

Pension funds, long- and short-term insurers, DFIs, medial schemes, family offices, trusts and endowments, either currently invested or considering investment into Africa.

Learn how best to approach this much-discussed investment destination, and discover how Africa can help you achieve your investment goals.

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About RisCura

RisCura is a global, independent financial analytics and investment advisory providing investment decision support in developed and emerging markets. We have offices across Africa and in the US and UK. Our clients include institutional investors with over US$200-billion in assets under management, as well as a significant number of asset management, hedge fund, and private equity firms.

Meet the panellists

Rory Ord, Executive

Rory Ord, Executive

Rory Ord, Executive

Rory Ord, an Executive at RisCura, heads the unlisted investment advisory division, which provides independent valuation and related services to investors in unlisted securities in Africa. His clients include private equity funds, infrastructure investors and institutional investors across the continent. Rory is also a leading commentator on African private equity, and publishes the annual Bright Africa report as well as the quarterly RisCura SAVCA Southern Africa Private Equity Performance Report.

Faisal Rafi, Risk & Due Diligence Specialist

Faisal Rafi, Risk & Due Diligence Specialist

Faisal Rafi, Risk & Due Diligence Specialist

Faisal is responsible for investment manager research at RisCura, and has seen the investment arena from all angles: as a consultant, in asset management and in-house at Coal Pension Trustees, where he was responsible for listed and private equity manager research and monitoring. He goes off the beaten track to find the best investment ideas and managers, and has the flair and conviction to communicate his recommendations to clients on a very human level.

Heleen Goussard, Unlisted Securities Specialist

Heleen Goussard, Unlisted Securitues Specialist

Heleen Goussard, Unlisted Securitues Specialist

Heleen Goussard, works in RisCura’s unlisted investment advisory division primarily managing the calculation of independent valuations – highlighting any discrepancies in value and methodology, preparing of all numerical information used for both reporting and fundraising purposes. She has developed specialised skills in the valuation of Infrastructure, including renewable energy, rail concessions, and refineries.

John Svosve, African Listed Market Analyst

John Svosve, African Listed Market Analyst

John Svosve, African Listed Market Analyst

John joined RisCura in 2011 as a Quantitative Analyst. He has a wide range of experience in exSA risk and attribution analyses. John graduated from the University of the Free State with a Risk Management degree and began his career at Zimbabwe Allied Banking Group as a Finance Risk Officer. He also has financial project management experience in the South African construction industry.


A Bright Africa webinar, by RisCura

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