The Working with Wood Show

Working with wood

The Working with Wood Show will be from 8 to 11 June at Austro, 1125 Leader Avenue Roodepoort.

Vermont Sales in conjunction with Austro are to stage the Working with Wood Show 8 to 11 June at Austro, 1125 Leader Avenue Roodepoort.

The Working with Wood show is organized and sponsored by Vermont Sales, in conjunction with Austro, Vermont Sales is the leading home of over 50 famous international brands such as Tork Craft, Bessey, Triton, Pro-Tech router bits, Kreg, Triton, Festool, Sawstop and many other quality international brands.

This event promises to be well worth your while to attend as the sponsor Vermont Sales and Austro have cooked up a fantastic menu of working with wood topics, presentations, demonstrations and workshops. This show is all about working with wood, and demonstrates the latest unique innovative technically advanced tools and accessories in the market today.

Vermont Sales covers the complete spectrum of tools and solutions for the woodworking industry that includes the professional, hobbyist and all DIY’ers a show that cannot be missed by all wood workers.

Vermont Sales is South Africa’s number one supplier of power tool accessories a little company that grew so much over the years and now stocks over 50 international brands. Currently Vermont Sales is one of the largest importer and supplier of tools and accessories in Southern Africa. Vermont Sales is known for great service right into Southern Africa. Its catalogue consists of over 12 000 active products, from their various international manufacturers worldwide.

“This is the first time the show will be staged at the Austro venue in Roodeport in conjunction with Austro,” said Vermont Sales manager Greg de Villiers. “If you are into wood working it’s a show that will blow your mind, as we will be demonstrating and showing off the latest blue chip tools from over the world.”

The event established in Knysna as Africa’s most diverse woodworking and woodcraft event sees 2 500 visitors annually enjoy the impactful engagement with wood. Top South African and international demonstrators share their woodworking skills and crafts from woodturning, carving, chair-making, sharpening, pyrography, boatbuilding to furniture making. Everything timber related and eco related, from mobile milling of slabs, to fine furniture and sculptures, sustainable alternatives for the home and natural resource management displays. This event showcases sustainable timber production.

The Working with Wood Show showcases sustainable timber production and beautiful indigenous and exotic timbers through the labour of local and regional wood artisans.

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