Thermo Scientific™ launches internet FT-IR spectroscopy learning centre

FTIR Learning CentreThermo Scientific™ recently launched a new and informative Internet FT-IR Spectroscopy Learning Centre. This user friendly interactive site allows the user to find relevant information covering everything FTIR; from the most basic information i.e: what do ‘FT’ and ‘IR’ mean,  to information covering sample preparation techniques and even including coverage on applications using hyphenation techniques, such as TG-IR.

The site is a valuable tool – just a click away, containing all brochures for the Thermo Sceintific™ range of FTIR products, as well as informative OMNIC™ software video tutorials – assisting users with helpful software trouble shooting solutions. Additional features on this site include featured videos and links, upcoming webinars and FTIR Glossary on-hand to further assist users with FTIR terms, with which they may not yet be familiar.

As an added personal interactive tool, any questions users may have about samples, applications or FTIR instrumentation, will be directly answered on line. Professor Norm L. Mode is just a click away with a personal email response to assist users.FTIR Learning Centre 2

As the field of spectroscopy grows, the site content is continuously modernising and updating information.  Visit to view more about Thermo Scientific™ Internet FT-IR Spectroscopy Learning Centre.

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