Things to consider when choosing flooring for your warehouse

By Varushka Padayachi
Digital Manager

Floors of warehouses need to be resistant to mechanical stress and easy to clean. They should also be long-lasting and cost-effective to maintain. Here are some factors to consider when choosing flooring for your warehouse.  

Resistance to abrasion 

Stability of industrial floors for your warehouse from abrasive wear is important. Abrasion occurs during the movement of goods and equipment, traffic, equipment and people in the warehouse. Abrasion is one of the main reasons for the destruction of industrial floors in a warehouse. During work in the warehouse, there is always a risk of falling of various heavy items and equipment, containers and solid packaging elements. Increasing the toughness of the floor for the warehouse makes it possible to protect the floor from damage caused by impact loads. (Source:

‘Abrasion is one of the main reasons for the destruction of industrial floors in a warehouse’

Resistance to chemicals  

Carbon dioxide corrosion of concrete is the main reason for the dusting of concrete floors. Because of the use of machines and mechanisms, contamination of the floor of the warehouse with combustive-lubricating materials and products of engine operation occurs. Industrial floors for the warehouse are under the damaging effect of chemicals, various liquids and salts. Therefore, the high chemical resistance of the coating is the requirement to protect the concrete base. 

Photo by Jake Nebov on Unsplash
Warehouse flooring

Compliance with safety standards 

Industrial floors for a warehouse must comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. The methods and quality of cleaning can improve the level of floor hygiene in warehouses. Warehouses in sectors such as the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare will also need to factor in the strict hygiene demands that these sectors are held to. Seamless, impervious finishes are vital to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. 

Aesthetic considerations  

The appearance of the floor in a warehouse, its design and colour solution, the need to mark up or logo are also important to consider.  

Access to global technology ensures that Indufloor’s materials, formulated from specialised polymeric resins and fillers can be applied in commercial and industrial projects; from beverage manufacturers, supermarkets, hospitals and food processing areas, to factory machine shops and chemical plants, workshops and aircraft hangers, protecting concrete from chemicals, temperature and abrasion. 

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