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Using the latest Den Braven products during construction means being compliant with current and future legislation, environmental, social, health and safety governance.

Sustainability and the harmful effect of VOCs must become top of mind in both the built and DIY environments. There is absolutely no reason not to use sustainable sealants and adhesives – it’s simply a mindset. Be it by allowing objects to last longer, to better insulate, to fix instead of replace, to reduce size and weight, or make recycling easier, Den Braven believes adhesive and sealant solutions can help drastically reduce the impact of many of our industries, and of many of the items we use daily.

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The potential for VOC’s to adversely impact the health of those exposed to them is another industry concern. Through research and technological advancement in hybrid technology, Den Braven has modified and produced a range of high performance sealants and adhesives that are very low in VOCs, and sustainable.

Hybrid sealants, such as Den Braven Hybriflex-540 and Den Braven High Tack adhesive, have increased chemical resistance as well as high and instant tack properties. They also have better weathering characteristics than conventional polyurethane sealants and provide better adhesion, abrasion resistance and low temperature extrudability.

Den Braven’s Silicone-NO, a neutral cure and almost odourless (low in VOC’s) elastic sealant, is ideal for sealing in confined spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens. It is the only rated sealant for use on acrylic sanitary ware and is specially formulated for joints around washbasins, baths and shower cubicles where fungal and mildew growths tend to occur.

Den Braven is an active member of the Green Building Council of South Africa with its products contributing to Green Star building ratings across the country. Contractors in the building and construction industry, as well as individuals in the DIY sector, work with these products on a daily basis, in the knowledge that their health and safety and the environment are taken into consideration. Recyclable cartridges, nozzles and smarter packaging contribute to waste reduction at Den Braven.

Using Den Braven products means being compliant with current and future legislation, environmental, social, health and safety governance. The company’s R&D teams are continuously tracking regulatory changes and trends, keeping its portfolio of standards in shape for the future. Den Braven has regular audits to verify its performance on ambitious environmental and social governance agendas and the company has also achieved and operates to ISO certifications 9001 and 14001.

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