Time is money: three ways to boost uptime on your packaging line

Pyrotec PackMark’s equipment helps convertors increase efficiencies in their packaging linesMaximum uptime at optimal capacity is the key to surviving today’s competitive packaging and production landscape. Pyrotec PackMark’s clients don’t simply want business to tick over; they want it to grow. In order to achieve this, they need to continuously improve performance and find ways of working smarter.

Even the best-run facilities experience unexpected downtime. This loss of output can be costly, not only due to the amount of revenue generating hours, or days, that go down the drain, but also because missed deadlines can put strain on key client relationships.

Pyrotec PackMark shares three ways to enhance your chances of staying up-and-running:

1. Choose reliable equipment

To maximise production efficiency, it is worth investing in the most reliable equipment that your organisation can afford. In production facilities where equipment is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures or humidity, it is important to choose equipment that has been custom-designed and developed to withstand these unique environments in a way that is safe and compliant with industry regulations.

Pyrotec PackMark is the exclusive distributor for a variety of world-class labelling, coding and print and apply labelling equipment from Markem-Imaje, A.L.Tech and Harland Machine Systems, amongst others. These manufacturers offer trusted product identification and traceability solutions for diverse industries, from pharmaceutical and agrochemical to the beverage sector.

2. Opt for a strategic maintenance plan

You need to implement an appropriate maintenance programme to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Many organisations opt for preventive maintenance plans and service their machinery at set intervals based on run time or calendar dates.

Depending on the type of equipment and production environment, this can, however, be a costly method if servicing occurs before it is actually required. Machinery that comes with built-in sensors or compatible software programmes that provide data on the status of the machine or its consumables, helps to diminish unnecessary downtime and the risk of unforeseen equipment failures.

The company backs its world-class equipment with a high standard of technical service and support. Its expert technicians, who are routinely trained by Pyrotec’s principals, are available 24/7 in all major centres in southern Africa.

3. Continuous improvement

In order to continue moving business forward, it is essential to act on lessons learned from past performance of equipment, personnel and the operating environment. By analysing failures, you can put measures in place to reduce future maintenance needs. 

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