Top garage door trends

top garage design trends

“Garage doors comprise a large portion of your home’s front elevation, and as a result, their makeup and design have become increasingly important,” says Johan Visser from leading garage door supplier, Specialised Building Supplies (SBS). He goes on to add: “Gone are the days when garage doors were a purely utilitarian element for entryways – nowadays, they also need to offer a host of other attributes, including design, durability, convenience, security, and added insulation to name a few.”

SBS supplies Hydro garage doors and Digi Automation, which have been synonymous with reliability, security, attention to detail and superior finishes since 1983. SBS – by supplying the Hydro and Digi ranges – are the only end-to-end garage door supplier in South Africa with a national footprint that specialises in doors, automation and spares to suit. Johan elaborates: “This means SBS can offer a full range of quality products, and through our SBS branches nationwide, we can support these sales with a comprehensive after-sales service and spares promise. Hydro garage doors and Digi automation have been used everywhere, from factories to fire stations, luxury homes and affordable housing.”

Johan highlights the top trends shaping garage doors today:

Coming up in colours: Colour has become an increasingly important aspect for the interior and exterior of homes. It can be used to great effect to make a customise aesthetics and make a statement. It goes without saying that the colour of your garage door needs to complement the overall exterior aesthetic and colour palette of your home. So says Johan, who goes on to add: “In the past, metal garage doors have mainly been available in very few tones, but mainly white. However, now you can purchase them in a colour that will add character and enhance your home’s overall curb appeal. Hydro’s sectional garage doors, for example, are available in Rustic Bark, Snow White, Chalk and Charcoal, and they can also be finished in a customised colour of your choice.” He says that the powder-coated finish requires virtually no maintenance what so ever, and is easy to clean – offering long-lasting and durable good looks for years.

Security and convenience: Garage door automation is crucial in South Africa – from both a security and convenience point of view. Johan elaborates: “The garage door remains the initial access point for the home, and as such, it is an essential element in securing the home. This is why home automation is critical. At SBS, we pride ourselves on many years in the garage door automation field with proven technology, as well as long term spares availability for our products assisted by our large distribution footprint. Digi-One, for example, features a

powerful 1,000Nm lifting capacity, which is a very reliable and affordable automation system that is ideal for all types of sectional garage doors. It is supplied standard with 2 *Digi-E-key transmitters (with secure Keeloq® technology), as well as electronic obstacle sensing optional battery backup, which allows for trouble-free operation during power failures.”

Energy efficiency and insulation: With the high cost of electricity, it is always a good idea to ensure that your home is well insulated. As such, you ought to consider how well your garage doors are insulated, notes Johan: “Selecting a well-insulated garage door will help improve the overall energy efficiency of your entire home. Hydro’s sectional steel garage doors, for example, can be ordered with foam-filled backing, which dramatically improves their thermal efficiency – keeping your garage warm in winter and cool in summer. The increased insulation has the added knock-on benefit of also improving the door’s strength, and it helps to absorb vibrations, resulting in quieter operation.”

Increased durability: In addition to good looks, any garage door worth its salt should be packed with numerous under-the-skin strength, safety and security features, notes Johan: “Consumers are focusing as much on a garage door’s exterior aesthetics, as they are on the quality of the hardware and inner workings of the door. Hydro garage doors, for example, aren’t just visually pleasing and exceptionally secure, but they also offer top-end inner workings, such as double-throw locks, long-life counterbalance springs for example, and they comprise best-in-market quality and durability. The long-term durability of a garage door not only guarantees that you get more bang for your buck with regards to value, but it also lowers the overall carbon footprint of the product, making it better for the environment.”

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