TradePro AllCover boasts big increase in coverage

Plascon TradePro AllCover is the paint that goes further, offers easy cleaning and over 1 000 tintable colours.

Plascon TradePro AllCover paint

The newly formulates TradePro AllCover is claimed by Plascon to now covers up to 25% more than its leading competitors. This is a remarkable increase in coverage, making it the economical, expert choice for paint contractors and homeowners alike.

The paint, specially formulated with an 8-year quality guarantee, TradePro AllCover is Plascon’s latest innovation. It paints a flawless matt finish for interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

· Plascon TradePro AllCover is easy to clean, applies effortlessly and retains its elegant finish that lasts even after washing. The paint has a much lower dirt pick up than leading competitors, allowing for easier cleaning and lower maintenance, even with tough stains

· Plascon TradePro AllCover has a higher film retention, even with regular washing, making it easier to clean and longer lasting

· With up to 25% more coverage than conventional paints, it makes it more cost effective.

Plascon TradePro AllCover comes in:

· 3 convenient pack sizes,

· 7 trending standard colours

· 3 tint bases.

With over 1 000 tintable colours in the Plascon Inspired Colour range, the consumer has the creative freedom to customise their colour palette.

The 1L pack size will also be available in tint bases to allow for easier sampling and touch-ups.

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