Trusted adhesives and sealants

Den Braven has many uniquely formulated products and is known throughout the DIY, construction and building-retail sectors for producing quality and reliable products.

With over 40 years of experience supplying the South African market, Den Braven Sealants SA is undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands in the sealant and adhesive industry.

Unique products

Den Braven High Tack

Den Braven High Tack is a high strength, the very durable, environmentally friendly adhesive used for instant tack and adhering of substrates of up to 20kg, vertically, without any mechanical support.

While there are a number of high grip products on the market, none can compare to High Tack’s instant grip. It is low in VOC and environmentally friendly.


· Heavyweight mounting – wood to walls – skirting boards, framed mirrors, shelving

· Décor items – porcelain, mirrors, coated metals, copper or stainless steel

· Signage, light fittings, candle holders to walls and many more applications.

Use with a suitable cartridge applicator gun.

Den Braven Mirrorfix-MS

Den Braven Mirrorfix-MS is an environmentally friendly mirror adhesive, cures on contact, strong, moisture-resistant lasting flexible bond and does not damage the silvering on the back of a mirror.


Mounting and bonding mirrors as well as decorative and acoustic tiles onto the wood stone, concrete, plaster, gypsum, tiling, steel, aluminium and good paintwork.

Use with a suitable cartridge applicator gun.

Den Braven Hybriflex-540

Den Braven Hybriflex-540 is a specialist expansion joint product. This is a versatile environmentally friendly sealant and adhesive, with high resistance to UV degradation and weathering. It has excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates with minimum surface preparation and can be painted with water-based paints.


Sealing and bonding – inside and outside – of joints between building structures on concrete, natural stone, wood, enamelled surfaces and aluminium, wooden floors and window frames, walkways and paving where it is often used with a backing cord.

Available in white, grey and beige.

Den Braven Acryl-W

One of the biggest sealing sealants on the market is Acryl-W. It is not only one of the best sellers in the DIY market, but it is also used extensively in construction. It is a high grade very smooth elastic paintable sealant with good adhesion to many materials and is not corrosive towards metals.

Available in white, grey and beech.


For sealing cracks and joints where moderate amounts of movement can occur. Sticking of Polystyrene cornices and filling cracks.

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