Extra TALL vehicle barriers for a mine

Mine extra tall vehicle barriers from Turnstar

Turnstar secure physical access solutions recently manufactured a number of extra tall vehicle barriers for a customer in the South African mining industry. Turnstar has a wide variety of security solutions ideally suited for the mining industry. These include speed gates, mantraps and vehicle barriers. With the vehicle barriers, you can make sure that no unauthorised vehicles are allowed on the premises. Only those who have a tag or are on the list can gain access to the mine.

The vehicle barriers which are double the height of the standard barrier, are being used for dedicated truck lanes near a weigh-bridge. The extra height provides the driver with extra visibility especially when the truck has stopped before the barrier and the driver has finished interacting with the security guard. The Traffic Master vehicle barrier is ideal for mining applications as it offers superior reliability and is also available in lengths of up to 6m. The Traffic Master is Africa’s preferred solution for vehicular access control.

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