Refined elegance and industrial chic define two new Cosentino collections

Silestone Urban Crush Concrete Pulse

Refined elegance and industrial chic define two new collections from Cosentino: Le Chic and Urban Crush.

  • Le Chic is a new collection of advanced design with intricate interlocking veining showcasing the elegance and sophistication of Silestone®.
  • Urban Crush is a new series updated with a lively modern aesthetic for raw urban spaces.

Le Chic shows all the elegance and sophistication of Silestone®. Redefining a timeless classic with this step forward in veined-patterned surfacing, the six designs in the collection offer the charm of Victorian and Parisian spaces, speaking to nostalgia but with a modern execution. Existing at the intersection of fashion and design, the patterns feature expressive veins and metallic accents that stand out against neutral backdrops of cream, deep blues and blacks, achieving designs full of depth.

Le Chic’s detailed veining required an all-new system of design, with the intricate, interlocking veins made possible by the brand’s new moulding system, giving life to particles and minerals of a wide range of sizes and creating an incredible new texture.

Inspired by the heartbeat of the city and new urban trends, the Urban Crush collection is an ideal industrial backdrop, its dusty tones a perfect partner for raw, eclectic spaces.

With designs inspired by the textures of the city, and recalling the appearance of limestone and sandstone, the four colours in the Urban Crush collection all burst with intensity, breathing life into spaces.

Sustainability top of mind

The sustainability of these new offerings is thanks to HybriQ+®, the exclusive and pioneering technology developed for Silestone® by Cosentino. This new production process is characterised by the company’s commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management.

Both collections are manufactured using 99% recycled water and 100% renewable energy, and incorporate a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in their composition. In addition, both collections contain less than 40% crystalline silica in their composition. Crystalline silica dust is toxic to humans when inhaled because of how it damages tissues in the lungs, and is also bad for the environment because it degrades plant surfaces, promoting plant disease and inhibiting growth.

Silestone Le Chic Versailles Ivory

Le Chic comes in six designs: Parisien Blue, Eclectic Pearl, Versailles Ivory, Victorian Silver, Bohemian Flame and Romantic Ash.

Parisien Blue: Inspired by the shades of Imperial Roman stones, this deeply nostalgic design combines a deep bluish hue with fine veins in ochre tones.

Eclectic Pearl: Classic and modern in perfect fusion, this delicately veined design offers flowing streams of texture with metallic accents across the whole surface.

Versailles Ivory: Warm, luxurious and elegant, this design offers subtle two-toned marbling with gradient effects and flickering lights of golden sparkle.

Victorian Silver: Soft, cool and and subtle, the two-toned marbling in this design offers a gradient effect and great depth blending with silver and dark grey veins.

Bohemian Flame: Subtle and sinuous, this design was inspired by golden flows of lava on volcanic soil, its veins like metallic inlays in copper shades.

Romantic Ash: Large rivers and encrustations of grains in various sizes bring to mind the Milky Way on a night, with the blue accents adding additional depth.

Silestone Urban Crush Brass Relish

Urban Crush comes in four trendsetting colours: Lime Delight, Concrete Pulse, Brass Relish and Cinder Craze.

Lime Delight: The warm textured beige tones, reminiscent of radiant Marbella limestone, are a versatile base for any interior design.

Concrete Pulse: The raw, natural grey is perfect for eclectic interiors, helping to create a vibrant show of contrasts and playing cheerfully with light and shadow.

Brass Relish: The grained brown, which embodies finely grained sandstone, blends seamlessly with the colours and design elements of modern vintage style.

Cinder Craze: The grainy tones of this modern reinterpretation of black sandstone add style, personality and life to industrial-inspired interiors.

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