New premises for Unilever Food Solutions’ kitchen

Unilever Food Solutions has opened a new training kitchen at a culinary school in Kempton Park, at the rockface of the industry it services.


The new Unilever Food Solutions’ kitchen

Remco Bol, MD of Unilever Food Solutions, says, ‘We have set standards in place for our UFS team to be experimental and collaborative and break down silos within the organisation, and to empower people. This is exactly what has been achieved with this new kitchen and I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished, and also delighted to be partnering with a culinary school of such good repute. This kitchen represents an excellent service offering and a closer affiliation to industry, and already it is paying dividends to all stakeholders.’

Craig Elliott, Unilever Food Solutions’ executive chef, says the new kitchen, which is based at the premises of the Chef MLK School of Cooking, can accommodate 30 chefs at a time.

Elliott says all the Unilever Food Solutions training kitchens, located in SA’s major centres, are focused on upskilling, training, and educating chefs of all levels, building on their skills in the demanding modern kitchen. ‘Kitchen brigades are under great pressure in today’s culinary environment, and they need to be highly adept at knowing how to reduce wastage, add convenience to meal preparation, understand quality, and use products effectively to produce dishes to the high standards that consumers expect. That is part of our mission.’

Training obtained through Unilever Food Solutions kitchens also benefit employers, particularly retailers, who gain skills development benefits and rebates through the relevant SETA.

For more information, contact Chef Pinky on [email protected] or Chef Tebogo on [email protected]

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