Unleashing Heroes: Kaufmann's K9 program initiative

South Africa, is a beautiful country, where diverse, and rugged terrains host a diversity of flora and fauna that make up the country’s vibrant biodiversity. Amidst this rich natural backdrop, however, lurks a significant threat: illicit hunting or poaching in South Africa’s national and private parks.  

Nancy and her handler, Norman, after a successful tracker exercise.

The K9 Anti-Poaching Units have emerged as a central force and gamechanger in battling this menace. These units, comprised of extraordinarily trained breeds like the Bloodhound, German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois, are adept at tracing poachers in challenging terrains and detecting firearms, ammunition, and wildlife contraband. These dogs, with their unparalleled scent-tracking abilities, have become indispensable allies in anti-poaching endeavours.  

Kaufmann, recognising the urgency and the scale of this challenge, as well as the undeniable effectiveness of these K9 teams, has launched the Kaufmann K9 Program Initiative. This programme aims at providing funding, training, technical gear, and support services to K9 Units across Southern Africa, and expanding their reach.  

Kaufmann is collaborating with its users by allocating a fixed percentage of all sales towards this programme. Every purchase of a Kaufmann product translates into a step towards bolstering K9 Anti-Poaching Excellence.  

Todd Lutman and Ice

‘Unleashing Heroes – One Purchase at a time’, is not merely a tagline; it is a committed and collaborative vision for the future.   

Distinct from mere sponsorship endeavours, Kaufmann’s K9 Program aims to be a testament to sustained, integrated involvement. Partnering with tactical and K9 training experts, such as South Africa Tactical K9, the programme promises focused, effective and strategic action.  

Kaufmann’s values of partnership, potential-building, self-reliance, and capability are at the heart of this initiative. The programme isn’t a fleeting association but an embodiment of the brand’s mission and values. It is structured to actively engage with the cause, monitor progress, and reveal tangible results.  

Launched on International Dog Day, 26 August, this initiative is set to continue for the foreseeable future, symbolising the long-term commitment that Kaufmann is making to conservation, action, and community.  

Without these, the brand would simply not be able to exist.  

Training for the unexpected at SA Tactical K9

The Call to Action: Join Kaufmann in Preserving Our Natural Heritage  

Kaufmann’s K9 Program is not just about protecting wildlife; it is about protecting a heritage, a way of life, and a future that is sustainable and harmonious.  

As a business owner this is your opportunity to be part of this significant initiative. By stocking Kaufmann products in your store, you are not only bringing in items that embody quality and reliability, but you are also actively contributing to the conservation of South Africa’s rich natural heritage.  

Kaufmann is exclusively distributed by Agrinet. Call Agrinet today, and let your business be the conduit through which customers can join in this noble cause. Be the change. Stock Kaufmann products.  


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