Unlocking opportunity in 2021!

When retailers join the Ingco family, they choose to become part of the Ingco success story.

Joining forces with Ingco creates an opportunity for retailers to continuously grow brands on its shelves and benefit from excellent profit margins while adding value for customers.  

“The Ingco promise of professional tools made affordable, together with a steady and consistent commitment to customers has made us a trusted partner with retail customers, and has helped to enable their business success despite the plethora of challenges we are facing daily,” says Angelo Angelos, Ingco managing director.  

“We are adding new products every quarter with each product true to the mantra of affordable professional tools. We recently added the welding category to our product line-up as well as the 20V Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder. The innovation from Ingco is relentless and results in a living brand where the products get better and better at the most affordable prices.” 

“We look forward to 2021 as Ingco continues to grow, innovate and provide the consumer with more and more professional tools,” Angelo says. Ingco is driven by a great team of people that are taking the brand’s vision to the market. It is a versatile brand that includes a range of 15 categories.  

Ingco category range 

  1. Power tools 
  2. Power tool accessories 
  3. Hand tools 
  4. 20V cordless tools 
  5. Gardening tools 
  6. Gardening machines 
  7. Brushware 
  8. Welding 
  9. Water pumps 
  10. Measuring tools 
  11. Building tools 
  12. Generators 
  13. Air tools 
  14. Small construction equipment 
  15. PPE and padlocks 

The Ingco team looks forward to maintaining its current relationships, building new relationships and assisting you in growing your business in 2021.  

For more information…  

Call 010-900-4500 

Visit: www.skillcraft.co.za 

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