Upgrade your density measurements and leave your time-intensive, breakage prone hydrometers behind

Designed for the hardest environments, Anton Paar DMA™ 501 and DMA™ 1001 are entry-level digital density meters which will revolutionize your work in the lab as well as your quality checks at the production line and storage facilities. Both instruments make digital density measurement accessible for everybody: Firstly, they come with an unmatched price tag and secondly, their guided user workflows, customizable screen layouts, and condition monitoring ensure they can be operated after only minutes of training.

These compact, robust, stand-alone density meters DMA™ 501 and DMA™ 1001 are Anton Paar’s response to the latest trends and rising demands in quality control recognized across industries.

DMA 501

  • Your entry ticket to the world of 3-digit digital density measurement from the market leader
  • Requires only 1 mL sample volume = wasting of your samples avoided
  • 7” glove-friendly touchscreen = greater usability and less time wasted
  • 60+ conversion tables integrated = no manual calculations

DMA 1001

  • The world’s most technologically advanced 4-digit density meter with a price tag everybody can afford
  • One-point water adjustment = achieve fastest time-to-measure
  • Repeatability of 0.00005 g/cm3 = 100 % consistent results
  • Splash-proof, instrument self-diagnosis, no ventilation-related corrosion
  • Full compliance with international standards, including all relevant Pharmacopeia (US, EU, JP, CN), data integrity (21 CFR Part 11, GMP 4 annex 11&15, ALCOA+), and ASTM D4052 & D5002.

All new instruments* include repair for 3 years. You avoid unforeseen costs and can always rely on your instrument. Alongside the warranty we offer a wide range of additional services and maintenance options.

Your challenge = our solution = your benefit

Final quality control

Challenge:  Titration is time-consuming and requires high amounts of solvents and reagents. What is the alternative?

Solution: DMA 501 is fast: it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete the analysis and there is no need to use solvents for the measurement.

Benefit: You save time because DMA 501 is 5 times faster than titration. You also save around 100 mL of solvents each time compared to using titration – and this reduces costs.

Batch control of acids, bases

Challenge: For our workspace we need a device that can cope with spills, knocks, and vapors in the air and still run reliably.

Solution: DMA 501 is splash-proof and protected from sample spills. Unlike other density devices, it works without needing ventilation so it doesn’t suck contaminated air into the electronics.

Benefit: With this ventilation-free density meter you get maximized uptime, have no repair costs, and maximum instrument lifetime, even in harsh industrial environments.

Checks on corrosive samples

Challenge: We need to test corrosive acids and bases while upholding the highest of safety standards.

Solution: Operators have only minimum contact with hazardous samples when using DMA 501. Approx. 1 mL of sample is filled via the peristaltic pump. The touchscreen can be operated wearing gloves.

Benefit: You protect your operators from dangerous substances and still get the results you need.

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