Using the PMB’s heat settings for efficient sample drying

Loss on drying is a key testing method for laboratories, from bacterial biomass determination to pharmaceutical testing, environmental analysis and quality testing. Adam Equipment’s PMB moisture analyser features three drying modes that can be set to start as soon as the PMB’s lid is closed.

The PMB allows users to dry samples effectively and create custom test methods for specific materials.

PMB drying modes:


The temperature will rise to a specific amount over a set period of time. For example, 125ºC in 10 minutes.


A single temperature. The moisture analyser will heat to a specific temperature, and stays there for the duration of the test, no matter how long it is.


Heats to one temperature for a set time then to another temperature for another period of time. There is a maximum of 3 settings. Users could set it to 100ºC for 3 minutes, 125ºC for 2 minutes and to 150 ºC for 6 minutes.


Why use a moisture analyzer instead of oven drying?

Using an oven can be time-consuming and is more likely to burn samples. Moisture analysers also do the analysis, calculations and weighing in the same instrument, which decreases the chances of errors.

There is no gap in the data from the weighing of the sample until the weighing of the dried sample.

Moisture analysers are also more portable, which is ideal if you have various labs or work sites. They can be connected to computers and printers for data communication and analysis.



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