Gentlemen's Estates Launch In Paarl

VDV_Aerial_02One of the country’s most successful residential, lifestyle and polo estates, Val de Vie Estate in Paarl, has launched the second phase of its development, expanding its borders to include 300 hectares of land which it has purchased from Pearl Valley Golf and Country Estate.

Val de Vie’s second phase entails the development of smallholding properties including Gentlemen’s Estates ranging from 1,2 hectares to 3,53 hectares that will allow buyers the opportunity to cultivate vineyards, olive groves, organic vegetables and the like, or to keep horses or certain breeds of livestock. These estates cater for those looking to enjoy all the perks of farm life, without the stresses of commercial farming and with the added benefit of the estate’s outstanding security.

Buyers will also receive two complimentary concept design meetings with architect Stefan Antoni of Antoni Associates.


Based on a similar concept, Val de Vie’s four River Reserves will range in size from 2,56 hectares to 5,83 hectares and will be classed as eco-estates, with indigenous buck such as the grysbok and steenbok. Residents will be allowed to keep select game species on their property in conjunction with Cape Nature.  

Another development to take place at Val de Vie and completed by 2017, will be the addition of a bridge which will extend across the Berg River to connect with the R45, thus bringing access to schools, the University of Stellenbosch and Cape Town International Airport closer to Val de Vie.



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