Accelerate makeup innovation with Effortless Color

By Abby Vorster

Vantage is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the Effortless Color formulation collection, comprising eight prototypes that redefine multifunctional colour cosmetics. Leveraging its extensive portfolio of high-performing actives, natural oils and silicone alternatives, this collection is set to revolutionise the makeup category.

Vantage PCR Feb 2024

In response to current trends in the colour cosmetics segment, Vantage recognises the increasing demand for hybrid products that enable consumers to achieve more with less. With busy lifestyles becoming the norm, consumers seek convenient products that align with their desire for simplicity. The market also is witnessing a rising demand for unique and surprising textures, as evidenced by the viral success of makeup products with distinctive sensory benefits.

The Effortless Color collection from Vantage is strategically designed to address market trends, providing cosmetic chemists and formulators with a springboard for accelerating their innovation pipeline.

Portrait of a two beautiful young African women wearing glossy eye makeup (Image: Shutterstock)

High-performing, on-trend formulations

The Effortless Color kit offers beauty manufacturers a range of high-performing, on-trend formulations that can be used as-is or as a foundation for creating customised products.

The eight prototypes span from hybrid makeup to versatile blushes and bold lip products, combining premium ingredients from Vantage with the formulation expertise of its in-house R&D team.

The collection includes:

  • Fresh canvas multi-use concealer doubles as a spot treatment for blemishes or a full coverage foundation.
  • Tinted zinc shield is a lightweight tinted moisturiser with SPF-30 for added sun protection.
  • Hydrating tinted face oil is a buildable face oil that can be worn alone or used as a primer before applying concealer or foundation.
  • Blush duo adds a pop of colour to the skin, contributing to a cohesive makeup look.
  • Color sculpt trio is presented in a convenient stick formula for smooth and quick application.
  • Hydrating satin lipstick is crafted with moisturising ingredients for a rich and creamy formulation.
  • Dreamy velvet lip is a bold, matte liquid lipstick delivering a smooth, lush finish.
  • Plush fruity gloss provides a glossy shine, leaving lips feeling full and plump.

Key active ingredients

The colour kit incorporates the following active ingredients to enhance the performance and benefits of the formulations:

Adaptogen Fermbiotic™ S is a probiotic extracted from naturally derived yeast, supporting a balanced skin microbiome and restoring the skin’s natural glow.

Jojoba Esters are oil-free wax esters derived from DW Jojoba Oil, offering hydration and an elegant skin feel while improving product performance. Jojoba Esters are available in a wide variety of forms with different melting point ranges.

Liponate™ Jojoba NatFilm brings the benefits of jojoba esters in a protective film format, making them easily dispersible in water-based applications. This ingredient blend consists of jojoba esters and hydrolysed jojoba esters optimised to keep the skin and hair benefits of jojoba esters while easing the incorporation of the ingredient in waterbased formulations.

Maxigloss™ Plus possesses unique elastic gel properties with ‘memory’ to prevent bleeding, improve wear and maintain long-lasting shine in lip products.

For further inquiries, contact Johrinda Nel at [email protected].

Vantage continues to push the boundaries of cosmetic innovation, offering beauty professionals a platform to create products that meet evolving consumer needs and market trends.

Vantage PCR Feb 2024

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