Vantage launches ‘Clear Beauty’ concept

Consumers are looking for more than ‘natural’ label claims on their personal care products. Now more than ever, they care about the ingredients in the products they purchase, where they are sourced and how they’re produced.

“This amounts to consumers’ desire for transparency,” says Sebastien Massard, global marketing director of Vantage Personal Care.

According to Vantage, in 2020 consumers used a large set of data to balance ingredient safety, environmental concerns and societal impact when picking a new brand. So, the company’s personal care team developed a new Clear Beauty concept to help brands deliver clean and sustainable products with clear transparency. The concept was recently launched at the 2021 E-Cosmet’Agora virtual event, which took place from 6 to 9 April. 

“We combine not only ‘clean’ ingredients, but also sustainability, traceability and efficacy,” Massard explains. “Consumers want to clearly see the country of origin and the overall environmental and societal impact of the products they purchase.”

For example, educated, eco-conscious consumers may be encouraged to buy products formulated with ingredients sourced from a country such as Spain. This is because Spain prohibits child labour and has labour laws in place to protect employees.

Image by Jackson David from Pixabay
The Clear Beauty concept from Vantage helps brands deliver clean and sustainable products to meet consumers’ needs for clear transparency

Shopping locally is vital

Local sourcing is another keen issue. Buying locally produced goods or supporting locally owned businesses means shorter supply chains, which reduces the environmental impact of transporting goods and benefits the local economy.

“All of the shortages that transpired as a result of COVID-19 have brought about many questions of where products come from and who is being supported when these products are purchased,” Massard adds.

Consumers want manufacturers to come clean on these issues with clean products developed specifically for their personal care requirements. As this trend will likely continue to grow, Vantage is ready with sustainable, traceable and effective ingredients and end-to-end processes to deliver on these requirements.

Liponate Jojoba 20

An excellent example of a clear beauty ingredient is Liponate Jojoba 20 from Vantage. This jojoba-derived emollient is 100% traceable, due to the company’s vertical integration with jojoba oil. The oil is extracted and transformed into an emollient within Vantage’s facilities, which ensures consistent quality control at every step of the transformation process.

Liponate Jojoba 20 is COSMOS validated. The emollient is ideal for the restoration of sensitive or damaged skin with its efficacy clearly demonstrated through testing. It also addresses the need for vegan formulations with a high level of traceability and naturality.

Watch this video to find out more about the meaning of clear beauty from Vantage. The video also highlights why customers care about clear beauty and the innovative ingredients Vantage provides for clear beauty formulations.

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