Vantage strengthens its offering with new acquisitions

The logo of Vantage Specialty Ingredients

Vantage Specialty Ingredients recently completed two acquisitions, further strengthening its offerings while enhancing the company’s global growth strategy under the Lipo brand.

Expanding its ‘naturals’ offering

The first was the acquisition of the net assets of Resources of Nature. This brings new complimentary product lines for Vantage Personal Care, such as active ingredients, treated powders, dispersions, specialty pigments, emulsifiers and sensory ingredients. Resources of Nature has several unique platforms of technology as well as trend-setting boutique style offerings and formulations, which will enhance the overall personal care business unit of Vantage.

This addition provides even stronger personal care roots to the existing and ever growing tree of Vantage purchases, including Desert Whale Jojoba, the Agrinsa Farm in Argentina, and the Curoxyl and Curcylic product lines.

‘We believe these new platforms and innovations will give us significant opportunity for growth with our expansive global personal care sales force and distribution network. This is in addition to the complimentary technology that increases the natural solutions we can deliver to our customers,’ says Patrick Brueggman, SVP and GM of Vantage Personal Care.

Strengthening its sustainability focus

The second and most recent acquisition for Vantage is of one of the largest jojoba farms located in Arizona, in the US. Purchased from Cocopah Nurseries, the farm is comparable in size to its nearby existing farm, which Vantage acquired in 2012 when it purchased the Desert Whale Jojoba Company.

The company also has an existing jojoba farm in Argentina which is one of the world’s largest. Vantage became a majority owner of this farm in 2015.

The purchase from Cocopah Nurseries represents a substantial investment, allowing Vantage to further expand its organic jojoba growing capabilities. This is potentially set to more than quadruple its organic seed production in Arizona. It also re-affirms the company’s commitment to growing its business as a reliable global supplier of sustainable jojoba products. 

Vertically integrated jojoba supply chain

The company is the world’s largest jojoba grower and ingredient producer, with a leading global position in jojoba-based products for use in personal care products and cosmetics. It is the only vertically integrated supplier owning every step in the jojoba supply chain, from farming and oil extraction to derivatives’ production.

Vantage offers a broad jojoba product line called Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives. These are high quality, naturally derived, sustainable solutions for creating innovative beauty products.

Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives are made with highly stable and versatile liquid wax esters that are extracted from jojoba seeds, similar to esters found naturally in skin’s sebum. They have exceptional properties and broader functionality compared to other plant-based ingredients.

What’s on offer?

  • many jojoba seed oil options (organic, Ecocert, colorless, golden and virgin)
  • an extensive collection of biodegradable exfoliant alternatives to polyethylene beads
  • a wide range of natural jojoba derivatives.

Certified green and socially responsible

Most products in the Desert Whale line have organic (USDA/NOP), Ecocert or Cosmos certifications. Vantage is also focused on expanding its capabilities by making continuous investments in farming, production and innovation thereby improving harvest yields. It’s also working on expanding capacity and developing novel customer solutions. At the same time, the company is committed to following green, sustainable and socially responsible practices, which help minimise its impact on the environment while empowering people. Vantage’s production sites and organic fields are certified based on USDA-NOP regulation.

Owning multiple sources of jojoba, with farms located in two global regions that have different harvest seasons and weather patterns, helps to further ensure a reliable supply of Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives, both now and in the future.

Thanks to its investment in a third farm, the company now has an even stronger global position and greater foundation to continue meeting the fast-growing demand for natural, sustainable beauty products. It is also focussed on developing new Desert Whale jojoba products.

‘Vantage Desert Whale is proud to expand our organic growing capabilities in Arizona. The continued growth and investments around jojoba demonstrate our commitment to the long-term, sustained development of the jojoba market. We are well-positioned to meet the growing global consumer demand for organic jojoba oils and natural products,’ comments Michael Young, director of Desert Whale Jojoba Oil & Derivatives at Vantage.

The Desert Whale brand has a proud heritage of helping save the whales during the ’70s. Today the brand continues to build upon this heritage in helping preserve natural resources by offering ingredients with broad innovative uses, made from a renewable jojoba source using eco-friendly methods. ‘For example, we follow sustainable farming practices in order to protect the arid lands and desert ecosystems where our jojoba is grown,’ Young adds. ‘We are also helping save our rivers, lakes, oceans and marine life by offering a complete line of jojoba exfoliants as replacements for polyethylene beads.’

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