VEGA Success Stories: From Students to Industry Stars!

With a decades-long legacy of innovation, VEGA stands as a global leader, reshaping industries through cutting-edge measurement technology.

About VEGA

The company’s dedication to precision and reliability has redefined standards worldwide. VEGA, believes in empowering businesses through tailor-made solutions and their instruments optimise processes, enhance efficiency, and guarantee the highest quality standards. They are committed to setting new benchmarks for accuracy, durability, and performance. Not only are they driven by a commitment to excellence, but their sensors and instruments continue to shape the future. Be part of a team that constantly raised the bar and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

VEGA’s proud graduates!

Kaulele Sigonya
Internal Technical Sales Engineer

Kaulele Sigonya’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion. Initially considering a career as a taxi driver, his life took a positive turn when he attended a career expo in Grade 11. He was intrigued by a presentation on instrumentation by an electrical engineer, and he did some research into the field and possible career opportunities within it. He found his true calling after finding his passion for the subject matter. This enthusiasm became his driving force to excel in academics. His dream to work as an electrical engineer transformed his mindset and motivated him to study further after school.

Kaulele enrolled at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth for his first year of studies. Unfortunately, he faced financial difficulties and had to leave the university after completing his first year of study. Not giving up on his dream, he worked as a petrol attendant to save money to continue his studies. Despite all the setbacks he faced, he remained determined and resumed his studies at Mangosuthu University, where he completed his qualification.

After developing his theory, he searched for a job and secured a learnership at VEGA. During his time at VEGA, he was placed with one of their clients, AfriSam, where he gained valuable on-the-job experience. Although he enjoyed his time at AfriSam, he jumped at the opportunity to return to VEGA when it arose.

At VEGA he is showcasing his growth, both professionally and personally, and a key influence on Kaulele’s career is his mentor, managing director Frikkie Streicher, whose honesty and guidance have shaped his approach to sales. Currently, as an Internal Technical Sales Engineer, Kaulele thrives on fieldwork and particularly enjoys project management within the various industries VEGA works in. His passion for instrumentation and the supportive environment at VEGA contribute to his job satisfaction.

Kaulele stresses the importance of self-discovery for the younger generation. He urges the youth to set clear goals and take proactive steps to achieve them. Reflecting on his journey, he considers obtaining his qualification as a significant personal achievement, made possible by his unwavering determination over seven years. Moving to Johannesburg and being able to buy his dream car is an example of the rewards of persistence and careful planning.

Kaulele’s advice to students is to never give up, work hard, and be grateful. His story is a testament to resilience, serving as a reminder that with dedication, even the longest journeys can lead to success.

Monde Blose

Internal technical sales.

Monde always had a keen interest in learning and chose subjects like mathematics and science during his Gr 10 studies. His interest in electrical engineering started early on and he pursued it by attending a TVET college, where he obtained an N5 qualification. Later, he decided to further his studies at university and specialised in process instrumentation. Monde is passionate about automation and programming, and interestingly, he is also an aspiring comedian, which seems to be a perfect match for his personality.

Monde applied for the VEGA In-Service training program as part of his university course requirements. He learned about the program from his favourite lecturer, Dr. Naidoo, who was known for investing a lot in his students to help them succeed as industry specialists and valuable members of society.

Monde is satisfied with the training and mentorship he received at VEGA as it aligns with his career goals. He loves being exposed to different scenarios and industries and actively working with the instrumentation. According to Monde, these instruments make a huge difference for customers and their processes, solving a lot of problems for them.

Frikkie Streicher, who is the managing director at VEGA, serves as Monde’s mentor and source of inspiration. Apart from having excellent business skills, Frikkie also fosters Monde’s love for stand-up comedy by creating a supportive and familial atmosphere at VEGA. Monde holds Natalie Barnes, another director at VEGA, in high esteem for her strong work ethic and self-discipline.

According to Monde, making money should not be the primary goal. Pursuing a field that brings excitement and satisfaction ensures a fulfilling career. Monde practices what he preaches, currently thriving as internal technical sales at VEGA. He not only sells instrumentation but also provides comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Monde’s journey is a testament to the rewarding fusion of passion, dedication, and finding joy in the work that you love.

Lindo Mabuyazi
Service Technician

Lindo is a dynamic individual who has a great passion for electrical engineering. His journey has been shaped by his immense dedication and love for learning. Originally from KwaZulu Natal, Lindo’s educational path led him to pursue a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, which he chose due to his deep interest in the subject matter.

In Grade 10, Lindo selected physical science, electrical technology, and mathematics as his choice subjects, paving the way for his tertiary studies. Lindo completed his studies and applied for a learnership at VEGA in Johannesburg. He believes that the VEGA In-Service Training program played a crucial role in enhancing his understanding of the electrical engineering field by providing hands-on experience.

Lindo loves exploring and had the opportunity to travel for work to various countries, including Tanzania, Madagascar and Germany. Lindo thrives on experiencing diverse work environments, meeting new people and working in various industries. He possesses the capability to offer solutions to the diverse challenges that come with each location. He expressed that Germany stood out as a unique destination due to the language and cultural differences. His work travels have expanded his professional horizons significantly.

Lindo’s forte is the maintenance and calibration of VEGA instrumentation, which allows him to apply his knowledge practically. He has not only grown in his technical skillset but has developed various soft and personal skills. Lindo acknowledged that despite his tertiary education, joining the program gave him a deeper understanding of the role process instrumentation plays in the various manufacturing industries.

Lindo mentioned that his mentor, Chris van den Heever, has played a large role in shaping him and with his guidance Lindo grew both personally and professionally. Chris instilled in Lindo the importance of self-trust and exemplified conduct. Lindo remains inspired by Chris’s ability to assist customers even in the most challenging circumstances.

When asked about his proudest achievements, Lindo mentioned that securing full-time employment at VEGA was a significant milestone. Lindo’s favourite site in the food and beverage sector is RCI/Coca-Cola. He explained that one can’t help but be amazed at the sheer size of the operations, the incredible attention to detail and the immaculate cleanliness.

Lindo’s advice to the future and upcoming engineers are as follows: work hard in maths and science, and make the effort to attend career expos and trade shows while still in school. He advises students to conduct research on possible careers and to talk to people in the field.  Lindo’s story is a true reflection of the fulfilling potential of engineering as a career and the transformative power of dedication.


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