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South African tool supplier, Vermont Sales, has delivered Southern Africa power tools and accessories to get the job done for almost 40 years.   

Vermont Sales tool supplier store

Offering over 25 000 products from 50 blue chip suppliers made available through more than 3 000 outlets across the subcontinent, Vermont Sales strives to deliver fully proven, trusted, tested, and guaranteed best value tools to every Southern African tradesman, craftsman, and worker.  

Mindi and Roland Hunt leaders at Vermont Sales Tork Craft Power Tools Accessories.
Mindi and Roland Hunt, Vermont Sales

“We supply anything that makes a power tool useful from the heart of the company’s buzzing warehouse at its state-of-the-art Midrand headquarters. Whether it’s the tool itself, or it is anything that is required to operate that tool, Vermont Sales will have the tool or component to get that job done,” Vermont Sales managing director, Ryan Hunt, explains.  

He adds that the company’s best value, yet highest quality tool brands are hand-picked and torture tested to destruction to prove their prowess at our intensive test centre, before they even go on sale. Vermont Sales products are all freely available to provide exceptional solutions to any trade’s every job, via an ever-growing network throughout Southern Africa, and fully backed by our professional sales force.  

Vermont Sales is a success story forged on hard work and best principles. Based on a strong trade background, Roland and wife Mindi Hunt began distributing tools to the hardware trade in 1985. Vermont Sales grew quickly, as son and daughter Ryan and Angela joined the team to drive the family business into its corporate future. Continued growth off pioneering principles soon saw the company establish its Midrand headquarters as it also steadily grew employment to satisfy an ever-rising staff compliment.  

Samples of every Vermont Sales tool and accessory is extensively tested and proven at the company’s high tech test centre before it ever goes on sale. The Vermont Test Team spends every working hour over-working, destruction testing and evaluating all tool lines, to be sure that every tool is ready for the toughest possible task. The Test Centre also offers troubleshooting to support any worker who may have tool trouble in the field or in his or her workshop. Every product is backed by Vermont’s own and international brand guarantees.  

Tork Craft brand display

Powered by service, Vermont Sales’ many individual brands, from Tork Craft to Rawlplug fixing systems, Olfa knives, Alpen drill bits and GAV Air Technology, to Festool, SawStop and Kreg woodworking, and many more, are individually developed to their own identities. Customers interact and associate with each Vermont tool and each brand has its own place among Vermont’s high profile in-store point of sale systems.  

Vermont Sales brands

Vermont Sales places a high emphasis on training its retailers, resellers, customers, and their workers on the optimal safe operation and best practices around every tool and accessory sold. To this end, Vermont Sales’ various international tool and accessory brands extensively train the company’s individual local tool brand experts. The experts in turn coach each local Vermont brand sales team to guarantee seamless customer support, whatever the tool.  

Vermont Sales’ best prepared in-house trainers then travel the length and breadth of the subcontinent to train every brand’s stockist and their sales staff, to best understand and support each Vermont product on their shelves, and to present it in the most effective possible manner. Every tool owner can also rely on Vermont Sales’ eager product support, back-up, and regular demonstrations at either the retail outlet or on site at the end users’ premises.  

Further, Vermont Sales’ Midrand Expo Centre is not only always open to provide any tool owner, buyer, or supplier with the necessary professional demonstration to operate every tool type, but the company also hosts regular focussed tool expos at the facility. Conducted by certified Vermont trainers, each activity ensures best tool understanding and user results.  

Vermont Sales exhibition centre displaying tool brands.

Grounded by exceptional reputation and backed by its expert sales force, Vermont Sales’ trusted brands and extensive torture tested, proven, and guaranteed quality tool and accessory ranges will long ensure that every trade’s any job is always done best. Find out more at  

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