VHP decontamination solutions

Left to Right: Cassandra-Anne Baxter (ALPA) and Floyd Gobey (AHRI)
Left to Right: Cassandra-Anne Baxter (ALPA) and Floyd Gobey (AHRI)

Recently our CURIS Specialist at ALPA travelled to K-Rith to provide training on the solution provided, to decontaminate their facility. K-Rith purchased the Trinity Cart solution, that comes with a CURIS3™ unit. The Trinity Cart unit is used in the decontamination of Biological Safety Cabinets, Bag in Bag out systems (BIBO), Class III cabinets, Madison Chambers and any enclosed environments (Isolators). Whereas the CURIS3 unit, although being connected to the Trinity Cart, can be used separately to decontaminate office spaces, laboratories, facilities, equipment and even PPE, the unit is capable of decontaminating areas of up to 283 m³.

We offer three units to achieve a Log 6 reduction which is a 99.9999% kill: CURISCore, CURIS3, and the Trinity Cart. This is achieved using innovative Pulse technology delivering the dual EPA registered disinfectant to an area fully engulfing it with Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide (HHP) fog, a powerful combination of aerosol and vapor hydrogen peroxide (VHP). This creates a Pulse zone, maintaining an optimal dwell to provide high level disinfection in every nook, cranny, and crevice.

The ideal solution for optimal disinfection of various pathogens is to use a system like CURIS System. In addition, coverage is another area where human error can lead to weak kills and continued spread of an outbreak. Most methods of disinfection hit only the places where it is applied. This automated system ensures that you are no longer sending your staff into a contaminated spaces to disinfect. Minimising not only the risk of hazardous exposure, but also the risk of missing dangerous pathogens due to human error.

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