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Timeless Charm

The timeless charm and enduring appeal of Victorian-inspired interior spaces make them a popular choice, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Says Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse: “Victorian theme kitchens and bathrooms are perfect choices for older properties. The traditional allure will help to retain the authenticity and character of the building in question.”

She notes that what is particularly alluring about Victorian spaces is that you can choose whether you want to go all out and include only Victorian-inspired elements. Whether you would like to amalgamate these with some contemporary elements as well: “It is really easy to create a Victorian-inspired space, retaining the charm of the traditional facets of the design, whilst simultaneously adding a modern twist to the overall composition.”

Melissa notes that the Mickelfield range of light fittings from The Lighting Warehouse is the ideal choice for Victorian décor compositions. The Mickelfield lighting range comprises a wall light (R999,00), a single hanging pendant light (R1499,00), and a 4-light bar pendant (R3499,00).

All the fittings feature a satin silver metal finish and complimented with an opal glass light cover. Both the wall light and the single hanging pendant are IP44-rated. This makes them suitable to use in the bathroom, or anywhere else in your home. The 4-light bar pendant is not moisture-proof, featuring an IP22-rating. It is not suitable for bathroom applications. This fitting would be better suited to kitchen installations, such as over a kitchen island.

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Victorian-inspired lighting

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