New from Weidmuller: an end-to-end energy condition monitoring solution

Weidmuller introduces a new portfolio of selected energy monitoring components for energy consumption measurement, monitoring and integrated quality analysis of electrical supply networks. Designed for production facilities both large and small. Weidmuller’s modular and scalable solution provides energy monitoring at all levels from the grid connection to production lines and machines, down to the individual machine modules. The product portfolio includes the Energy Logger D550, Energy Analysers Series and the Energy Meters Series, all fully integrated with Weidmuller’s ecoExplorer software for visualization, analysis, and remote access and operation.

energy monitoring components for energy consumption measurement

Weidmuller Energy Monitoring Components

The compact Energy Logger D550 offers a cost-effective solution to simplify and accelerate the collection and transmission of consumption and process data. Unlike devices with a simple S0-interface, Weidmuller’s Energy Logger D550 can collect and save impulse signals from up to 15 measurement devices and forward them via a LAN interface. In addition, Energy Logger D550 can also forward measurement values from devices with a Modbus interface over the network. The integrated 32MB memory ensures long-term measurement data storage.

Weidmuller’s Energy Analysers provide comprehensive power quality measurements down to the machine level. This includes measurements of consumption, harmonics, frequencies and short-term 230VAC supply interruptions. As well as recording and storing transient data, all with a single 24VDC powered device. The Energy Analysers have PLC functionality for comprehensive programming, and up to 256MB of integrated flash memory for data storage.

Weidmuller’s Energy Meters offer detailed measurement of energy consumption for production facilities. Many of the Energy Meters feature an integrated display for immediate access to the measurement data that include voltage, current, power and energy demand. Models 610, 750 and D650 feature flash memory for data storage.

Weidmuller’s energy monitoring software applications, ecoExplorer and ecoExplorer go provide simple and convenient device configuration and real-time monitoring. ecoExplorer offers users the ability to record and analyze energy data and generate automated status reports and process-related evaluations. ecoExplorer go, a PC-based software with an intuitive user interface, offers simple connection and configuration for measurement devices, and a straightforward display of measured data for quick insight and initial analysis.

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