Waterjet cutting: Enhancing design possibilities with Nutec Fibre-Cement

Waterjet cutting is a highly versatile method renowned for its ability to cut a wide range of materials with precision and near net shape results. Among these materials, Nutec fibre-cement, manufactured by Everite Building Products, stands out for its exceptional performance and durability.

Sunscreen / privacy screen waterjet cut pattern to Nutec fibre-cement – a striking façade to this upmarket home. 
Design: Studious Architects, Centurion.
Sunscreen / privacy screen waterjet cut pattern to Nutec fibre-cement – a striking façade to this upmarket home.
Design: Studious Architects, Centurion.

Expanding design potential: Sunscreens and privacy screens

Waterjet cut sheets by Everite: Aesthetic and functional excellence

Everite waterjet cut sheets offer an effective solution for creating sunscreens or privacy screens. These finely crafted patterns in Nutec fibre-cement can transform the exterior of an upmarket home, adding a striking façade. One such example is the design by Studious Architects in Centurion.

waterjet cut sunscreen in kitchen living area

Unleashing creativity: Intricate shapes and designs

Waterjet cutting unveils new dimensions for Nutec Fibre-Cement applications

Nutec Fibre Cement boards have a wide range of applications, including internal and external ceilings, wall cladding, fascia boards, and purpose-designed façades. However, when seeking greater aesthetic and functional solutions, waterjet cutting emerges as a game-changer. It allows for the creation of intricate shapes and designs, offering a fresh perspective on the possibilities of Nutec boards.

Captivating ceilings: Shaping spaces with waterjet cutting

Enhancing spaces with unique Nutec Ceilings

Waterjet cutting is also employed to shape Nutec Ceilings, adding a touch of uniqueness to various spaces. For instance, student residence accommodation features passages adorned with waterjet cut Nutec Ceilings, creating visually appealing environments.

Sunscreen with intricate design patterns

Design and installation considerations

Collaborating with Everite: Tailored solutions for optimal results

Virtually any pattern or design can be replicated through waterjet cutting of Nutec fibre-cement products. Since each product is made to order, it is crucial to consult Everite during the design stage to ensure the best outcome. Key considerations include the nature of the pattern or design, installation methods (framed or frameless/self-supporting), fixing points, and quantity.

Exploring boundless applications

Nutec Fibre-Cement: Unlocking versatility for aesthetic and functional requirements

The application possibilities of Nutec fibre-cement products are virtually limitless. From simple lattice designs to trendy façade solar screens, these products provide the ideal substrate for meeting both aesthetic and functional criteria. Waterjet cutting further expands these possibilities, enabling the creation of intricate details that elevate designs to new heights.

Innovation in ventilation: Waterjet cut slatted duct covers

Ventilation and service shaft solutions with Nutec

Everite showcases their innovation by utilising waterjet cutting to create Nutec waterjet cut slatted duct covers. These covers serve as functional and visually pleasing additions to ventilation and service shafts.

In conclusion, waterjet cutting with Nutec fibre-cement products revolutionises the design landscape by providing precise, intricate, and durable solutions. Whether it’s shaping ceilings, crafting sunscreens, or enhancing facades, the collaboration between waterjet cutting and Nutec fibre-cement opens up a world of possibilities for architects, designers, and builders alike. By consulting with Everite during the design stage, one can ensure a tailored approach that maximises the potential of this cutting-edge technique.

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