Saint-Gobain Weber launches innovative new Multi Fix tile adhesive

Saint-Gobain Weber recently launched Multi Fix, its latest innovative tile adhesive. Multi Fix was created in direct response to the introduction of a new tile on the market – the hard body ceramic tile – which has its own specific needs for tile adhesives.

Saint-Gobain Weber Multi Fix tile adhesive for hard body ceramic tiles

“Hardbody ceramic tiles have caused a stir in the market. Although they are called ceramic tiles they are much denser and stronger than your normal ceramic tile. The hard body ceramic tiles mimic the properties of porcelain tiles as they are less porous and absorb water at a slower rate. If you use a general ceramic adhesive on these tiles they will not effectively bond the tile to the surface, which could cause the lifting of the tiles from the floor surface,” says Natalie Lume, Product Manager at Saint-Gobain Weber.


Multi Fix was specifically designed with this in mind. Its advanced formulation addresses slower water absorption rates and enhances the bond with the tile ensuring that your tiles never lift. This is not the only benefit of Multi Fix as it can also be used effectively as an adhesive for ceramic tiles for both walls and floors.


This new adhesive, with a 24-hour setting time, is suitable for both interior and exterior use for fixing various ceramic tile types to cement plaster, screeds, concrete and pre-primed surfaces. As with all Saint-Gobain Weber products, it has been produced from carefully selected raw materials to ensure product consistency and only requires the addition of water on site.


Best practice should always be adhered to ensure that the adhesive bonds to the tile. This includes needing a completely clean, dry and sound surface that is free from dust, grease, flaking or peeling layers as well as any organic growth and spores which could impair bonding. The walls or floors that are being tiled must also be wood-floated and not steel-trowelled or power-floated for the adhesive to work effectively.


“We are proud to have created an innovative product that precisely meets the needs of this growing and developing market,” concludes Lume.

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