Webinar: Thursday, 19 May 2022, 6:00 PM

Primary Headache Diagnosis and Emergency Pain Relief

In this presentation, Dr Elliot Shevel will describe the quickest, easiest, and most effective procedures for relieving the pain of primary headaches during a headache attack. Primary headaches are divided by the International Classification of Headache Disease (ICHD) into four categories. Migraine, tension-type headache, the trigeminal autonomic cephalgias – which include cluster headache, and other headache disorders. These are the four main headings, but there are a myriad of sub-types, all with different presentations.

Presented by
Conrad Strydom

Conrad Strydom

  • Editor: Medical Academic
Dr Elliot Shevel

Dr Elliot Shevel

  • Medical Director at The Headache Clinic

Dr Elliot Shevel has published more than thirty scientific studies in national and international peer reviewed medical journals on migraine and tension headache. His collaborators include Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology and researchers from the European and American Headache Societies.

Dr Shevel is a peer reviewer for: The Cochrane Collaboration, ‘Headache’ the official journal of the American Headache Society, ‘Cephalalgia’ the official journal of the International Headache Society, ‘The European Journal of Neurology’, ‘The Journal of Clinical Practice’, ‘Clinical and Experimental Medical Letters’ and the ‘Medical Science Monitor’, and many others.

He is head of the South African Headache Society, the South African affiliate of the International Headache Society. The South African Headache Society is primarily concerned with developing new understanding of migraine headaches, tension headache, cluster headache, and sinus headache.

Dr Elliot Shevel has been the Medical Director at The Headache Clinic since its inception in 1992. His multi-disciplinary medical team includes Neurologists, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, General Practitioners, Dental Specialists, highly trained specialist nurses and researchers.

This unique combination of experts provides an integrated approach to each individual patient’s diagnosis and treatment. Migraine pain originates in different anatomical structures, and each patient has to be individually assessed to determine their unique pain map. Treatment based purely on migraine symptoms is unlikely to achieve succes if the cause of the symptoms is not first identified.

Dr Shevel’s research programs have been funded by both the South African and Italian governments. This growing international recognition is helping to drive new breakthroughs. Dr Elliot Shevel’s unique methods offer patients a safe and effective option to reduce and eliminate chronic headache and migraine pain, while helping to end dependencies on pain medications, anti-depressants and sleeping pills.

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