Welding now easily accessible to DIY market

Welding initially presented itself as a daunting skill to acquire. However, thanks to the latest technological innovations and the diverse array of welding methods available today, individuals with an interest can easily master various welding techniques tailored to their specific requirements. What is also interesting, is that there is a high level of interest to learn Welding skills from the DIY community, but also a high level of uncertainty, fear and just lack of confidence that is hindering their pursuit in acquiring the skill.   

Welding machines by Strike-Arc Agrinet.

Manufacturers are also seeing the benefits of making welding easier and are improving welding accessibility by switching from manual to semi-automatic and fully automated equipment to lower costs and increase efficiency. It is a popular choice for many welding projects because it offers more precision and accuracy than manual welding.   

Semi-automatic welding also has the advantage of being faster than manual welding. Thus, saving time and money in large projects.  

With an increase in non-professional welding enthusiasts, there also an increasing emphasis on welding safety, both in industrial and home settings. Welding helmets with auto-darkening filters, respiratory protection, and safety clothing are becoming more accessible and affordable. The focus on safety aims to reduce health risks associated with welding, such as eye injuries and inhalation of fumes.    

Agrinet, a wholesale and distribution company, has identified welding as a key category and division and made a strategic investment in the welding brand known as Strike-Arc back in 2020. This significant venture has resulted in Agrinet securing exclusive distribution rights for the Strike-Arc product line and the brand, aimed at welding enthusiast DIY market, has grown from strength to strength since then.   

Building upon its existing portfolio, which comprises a diverse range of welding machine variants, Agrinet is pleased to unveil the introduction of three new innovative welding machines. This expansion underscores Agrinet’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions and staying at the forefront of the welding equipment market.  



Introducing the compact 120A multi-process welder, a true workhorse that is designed to manage a range of welding tasks with ease. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this versatile welder is the perfect addition to your toolkit. This welder is not limited to one welding process: it is capable of MIG, gasless MIG (flux core wire), MMA (Stick) and TIG welding. This versatility means you can tackle various projects without needing multiple welders, robust performance: with a 120-amp capacity, this welder delivers the power needed for welding tasks of different sizes and complexities. It boasts a 35% duty cycle, ensuring you can weld continuously without interruptions, whether you are working on thin sheets or thick metal. This welder has you covered, gas or gasless: the flexibility of choosing between using shielding gas or going gasless with flux core wire (0.8mm and 0.9mm) gives you the freedom to adapt to different welding environments and materials.   



With a 120 Amp capacity and a 30% duty cycle, it is suitable for a variety of welding tasks, from small repairs to creative projects, the welder’s compact size and handy carry strap make it incredibly portable, allowing you to take it anywhere your work takes you. Its thermal overload switch ensures safety by preventing overheating during prolonged use, the welder included 20 AMP single-phase power cable that provides a reliable power supply for your welding requirements, you will have the flexibility to work with electrode diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 3.2mm, accommodating different welding applications.  


What sets this welder apart are its smart features, a convenient smart switch that allows for effortless select functions and amperage levels, making adjustments a breeze. The smart lcd display keeps you informed, ensuring you’re always in control of your welding parameters, the hot start function provides an extra boost of current at the start, making it easier for materials to fuse together. The arc force feature adds an additional current when needed, perfect for maintaining stable and strong welds, safety is paramount, and that’s where the VRD voltage reduction device comes into play, reducing voltage when the welder is not in use, safeguarding both you and the equipment. This welder is versatile, accommodating electrode diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 3.2mm. However, please note that for Lift-TIG welding, you’ll need to purchase the torch, argon gas, gas bottle, and gauge separately.  

By investing in both research and development and marketing in the Strike-Arc brand, Agrinet’s aim is to bring a safe and functional welding product solution to customers and consumers alike, and accessories to the seasoned and new welders.  

  • Strike-Arc provides good quality welding items that are DIY-friendly and suited to semi-commercial use. It’s a brand that understands welding and will guide the consumer. It offers quality, value welding solution to the consumer with a full range of what is required   
  • We also aim to help alleviate the fear of welding with end users with our traveling demo team.   

Looking for a fresh, forward thinking and innovative DIY Welding brand for your store? Get in touch!  

Visit www.agrinet.co.za  or call us at 012 567 2000.  

For technical information please email our Welding Product Manager Johan Roets at [email protected].  

Strike-Arc welding equipment.


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