Solution to live monitoring of packaging lines

Werum IT Solutions presented the PAS-X KPI Solution together with Mediseal and Dividella packaging machines at Achema 2015. Werum IT Solutions presented its PAS-X KPI solution together with its Mediseal and Dividella packaging machines at Achema 2015, a global trade fair for the process industry. The show was held from 15 to 19 June in Frankfurt, Germany.

PAS-X is a market-leading manufacturing execution system (MES) for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. On the shop floor of a manufacturing facility, the PAS-X KPI system allows operators and supervisors to view the current status of their packaging lines and their production targets at any time. It does so by automatically acquiring process data related to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in real time. The results are visualised on different monitors and can be understood easily to aid decisions.

In the future, Werum’s key performance indicators (KPI) tool will be available as a standalone product solution for lean implementation with Mediseal and Dividella’s technologies. The system displays KPIs such as availability, effectiveness and quality together with the resulting OEE in real time. It will also enable operators to directly monitor the performance of their line on a screen or mobile HMI monitor.

‘Our KPI solution offers the advantage of a fine-tuned interaction of software and Medipak machines,’ says Karl Hoffmann, senior director of marketing and business development at Werum IT Solutions. Medipak Systems combines the companies Dividella and Mediseal, among others. 

‘Thus the solution can be introduced in a more secure and faster way than comparable third-party software products. Thanks to this integrated solution, our customers can look forward to reduced costs of implementation and operation.’

The system provides powerful functions for ensuring operational excellence and lean manufacturing by combining PAS-X’s data and equipment data for performance management. Werum indicates all stakeholders can use the KPIs from the production and packaging lines to optimise their processes or equipment.

Production site managers can benefit from standard reports, allowing the analysis of aggregated data with drill-down functions for root cause analysis. For example, OEE for the same product manufactured on different equipment can be compared easily. 

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