What is America’s favourite Valentines’ Day chocolate filling?

BY: Steven Lashmar – business development manager


Chocolate and candy are an iconic part of modern-day Valentine’s Day traditions. In fact, an overwhelming 87 per  cent of consumers across the country say they’re planning to celebrate the holiday by sharing a gift of chocolate or candy. But while many people enjoy a piece of chocolate from a heart-shaped box during the Valentine’s Day season, not every consumer approaches selection in the same way.

Heart shaped chocolate Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Heart shaped chocolate is a favourite Valentines’ Day gift

Map to your heart

Just 50 per cent of chocolate lovers use the ‘map’ in a heart-shaped box of chocolates to find their favourites while 31 per cent pick at random. The remainder bites the corner to determine the chocolate’s filling (13 per cent) or pokes at the bottom of the piece of chocolate (six per cent) to determine its contents. When it comes to the most sought after filling, consumers largely chose caramel (32 per cent), closely followed by nuts (24 per cent) or a chocolate-based filling (21 per cent).

 The power of chocolate

‘No matter your preference, sharing confectionery products on Valentine’s Day is a celebration of the power of chocolate and candy to bring people together,’ John Downs, president & CEO of the National Confectioners Association, says. ‘Gifting these treats on Valentine’s Day is as iconic and tied to this moment as the heart-shaped box that so often marks the season.’

As with past holiday seasons, the National Confectioners Association is providing fun facts and resources on Valentine’s Day Central as part of the confectionery industry’s commitment to helping people manage their sugar intake by providing consumers with smaller pack sizes, clear calorie labels and more information online.

Happy Valentine’s day

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