Whey to go: Replacing eggs in baking

Eggs in baking? Not always! Whey protein offers a reliable, functional alternative for bakers. Discover its benefits for batters, structure, and shelf life.

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The baking industry has a long tradition of using eggs in baked goods. From time to time however, bakers and the entire baking industry experience disruptions in supply due to circumstances that cannot be planned for, like avian flu. 

The consumer’s demand for products that are consistent in quality but also price stable, has necessitated the increasing introduction of egg substitutes to the bakery industry to meet the demand

When eggs are unavailable or are undesirable due to cost, food safety concerns, special diets or allergens or even just ethical reasons, milk proteins can be utilised successfully for partial or complete replacement of eggs in bakery formulations. 

Milk proteins, especially whey proteins, are highly versatile ingredients that can be used for their many functionalities across the food industry. In the baking industry milk proteins can be used for egg reduction of up to 50% or total replacement. The functionality of milk proteins allows for stabilising of cake batters, creation of excellent cake structures, improvement of shelf life and freshness as well as reduction of crumbliness in muffins. 

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Whey proteins benefits 

Bakers can achieve the desired protein levels using whey protein instead of egg and the functional properties of whey make it an effective egg alternative. Whey protein provides browning, improves texture, volume and consistency while also extending the shelf life of the final product. This makes whey protein the preferred ingredient for egg replacement in sponges, muffins and pound cakes. 

The fact that whey proteins are natural, is also something that is appreciated by both customers and producers.  Protein concentrations range from 34% to 85% in whey protein concentrates (WPCs) while whey protein isolates (WPIs) contain 90% protein which is useful for formulations that aim to achieve high protein and low carbohydrates in the final product. 

Chempure’s  egg alternatives 

Chempure represents renowned manufacturers such as BaltMilk, Hilmar Ingredients and Milk Specialities Global in their ranges of MPC85s, WPCs and WPIs for our customer’s convenience. 


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