Why choose a thermostatic mixer?

Thermostatic mixers offer several advantages over conventional faucets, including safety, convenience, water savings and power savings.

Thermostatic mixers offer a range of advantages over conventional or ‘static’ mixers. They are safer, more convenient, offer greater comfort and save water and energy.

Siobhan Thomas, founder and owner of Flush Bathrooms, explains that thermostatic mixers keep water temperature constant at a pre-set level with precision and consistency.

She says that one of the most prevalent thermostatic valve designs employ a wax system, which contains wax in the cartridge of the mixer that melts or hardens according to the temperature of the water it is exposed to. Thus it automatically adjusts the valve in response to the temperature of the water supply, which in turn combines the hot and cold water to maintain a constant temperature even if there are sudden changes in the water supply. She says that she is often asked whether thermostatic mixers can operate during a power outage, to which the answer is yes, because they are mechanical rather than electronic devices. (She adds, however, that this is the case only as long as there is hot water in the geyser.)

Thermostatic systems offer several advantages over conventional faucets:


By regulating shower temperature to a pre-set level, the temperature will not change mid-shower. Users will not suffer scalds or sudden cold blasts of water if there are changes in the pressure or temperature of the incoming water supply. This often happens, for example in a household or even hotel, if someone in another room turns on a tap or flushes a toilet. Similarly, if appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines are in operation elsewhere in a house, fluctuations may occur. Thermostatic mixers shut off automatically if the cold water supply is interrupted, so hot water burns will always be prevented.

Convenience and comfort

Thomas elaborates that thermostatic mixers are designed so that users can set the temperature to their preferred pre-selected level. Rather than having to turn on a faucet, they are operated at the touch of a button. She adds that most thermostatic mixers allow several temperature pre-sets, so members of the family with different preferences can customise settings to suit themselves. That means each household member has hassle-free instant access to their own individually selected pre-set temperature, which remains consistent for the duration of the shower. You can also switch the shower off mid-shower (while washing or conditioning hair, for example) and turn it back on at exactly the right temperature, instantly.

Improved efficiency and cost savings

Because you do not spend time waiting for the water to warm up, you don’t waste water. The temperature is exactly right within seconds after you turn on the shower. That helps save money on both power and water, and it’s kinder to the environment.

Thomas adds that thermostatic mixers are increasingly specified for highly rated hotels because of the improved guest experience they offer. They also offer advantages in hospitals and other care facilities because of their safety features.

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