Why we love the bamboo and rattan lighting trend

The transparency offered by the knit of the weave makes bamboo and rattan light fixtures highly desirable.

As we become more aware of our collective impact on the environment, we are subtly drawn towards the age-old shapes, textures and materials present in nature. Such is our fascination with bamboo and rattan weave. There’s something to be said about the relaxing and comfortable nature of these materials that make them instantly recognisable to the human eye. The natural forms satisfy our yearning to create, while bringing a sense of serenity and comfort to small and large spaces.

One of the best features of a rattan or bamboo light fixture is that it is one of a kind. If you look closely enough, you’ll notice that texture, fibre and colouring differ from fixture to fixture, creating visual interest. The transparency offered by the knit of the weave also makes bamboo and rattan light fixtures highly desirable. Light can disperse freely through the weave of the shade, casting intricate shadows. It also gives a space an airy, organic feel. If you’re choosing a rattan fixture for a space, consider these tips below.

Mix and match designs

Explore mixing and matching different weaves, designs and colours while keeping the look throughout the room cohesive. For example, by mixing a tightly woven natural rattan pendant light with a wider-weaved black rattan table lamp, you add texture to the room and a subtle rustic element, which is often desired when attempting to give a space that homey feeling.

Don’t overdo it

While there’s lots to love about the natural substrates, it’s important to not overdo it. These materials have been used in home decor for hundreds of years, so their timeless appeal is not in question, but if you incorporate too many pieces in one space, it can quickly feel outdated. Invest in a select few fixtures and then balance them out with other tones, materials and textures to give the space a more natural, personal feel, as opposed to looking like a copy and paste out of a catalogue.

Take it back to the seventies

While often used in contemporary design, rattan can also create a vintage feel. Fixtures with curved lines and scalloped edges are a nod to the seventies and provide a welcome contrast to the sleek minimalism often found in modern design. Look out for rattan and bamboo fixtures with soft silhouettes to achieve a nostalgic, retro-inspired space.


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