WIKA hygienic coupler connector for thermometers 

The use of a M12 coupler connector at the connection head of a thermometer, rather than a standard cable outlet, enables quick and safe connection. In the hygienic pharmaceutical industry, a design like this is being demanded more and more frequently. 

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In practice, plant manufacturers like to rely on pre-assembled cables with fitted connectors, since this eliminates having to fix the single strands into the thermometer head. One can considerably reduce the time required for assembly and disassembly during calibration or when replacing the instrument. Another advantage is that, in the event of changing out any instrument, incorrect re-wiring can be avoided. 

Generally, to ensure plant operational safety and for maintenance and servicing, it is imperative that equipment is easy to clean and that moisture protection is at a maximum. These requirements apply to all process components, as well as beyond the process in the ‘splash zone’. 

Proven in demanding situations

M12 coupler connector (Image: Wika)

WIKA has adapted the full-metal M12 coupler connector, familiar from the TR21 (TR21-A, TR21-B, TR21-C) product line, to the cable outlet for thermometers with connection head, enabling a simple and reliable connection with a 4-pin M12 connection cable.

The high-quality sealing concept of this connector has also been proven in the extreme requirements of autoclavable sensors. In addition to the already established TR21 miniature resistance thermometers, which were designed for the high IP requirements of sanitary applications, WIKA now offers thermometer products with connection heads – models TR20, TR22 (TR22-A, TR22-B), TR25 – with a hygienic M12 coupler connector for the hygienic pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. 

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Wika PCR April banner

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