Women are indispensable partners at PHT

Meet the women at PHT, who, by simply being who they are, not only excel in their roles, but display qualities that are indispensable to the company’s success. People and partnerships are at the heart of everything PHT does, and the women who work at PHT embody this every day.

Women are indispensable partners at PHT
Meet the women at PHT

Cynthia Mbangwa, warehouse manager

Having started as a general worker, Cynthia Mbangwa today ensures that the warehouse runs like a machine. When she gets behind the wheel of a forklift –  a qualification attained through PHT  – she shows that a woman doesn’t have to shy away from stepping into a role that’s often seen as a man’s job.

“To us, Cynthia symbolises growth,” says Deléne Boshoff, managing director of PHT South Africa. “Not only in herself, but also in her ability to inspire others along the way.” Cynthia is working towards completing her matric exams this year and by doing it simultaneously with her youngest son, she shows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Monica Moseru, office support

Monica Moseru works quietly in the background to ensure that the PHT office runs smoothly and that everyone is happy and well cared for at work. “Monica is like the fuel in a car,” explains Lindiwe Mmatladi, PHT South Africa’s sales manager. “Without her care and support, we won’t be able to do our jobs.”

The vegetable planters that PHT started when they moved into their new premises in Centurion last year are Monica’s pride. She not only tends them with care to ensure that the freshest greens go into the team’s salad at lunchtime, but also decides what gets planted each season. In her quiet way, she takes care of everyone in the office. She is a nurturer by heart.

Bernice Carter, product specialist

Balance is the first thing that comes to mind when people are asked to describe Bernice Carter’s approach to life. “She’s an inspiration to us all, showing how women can balance their personal life and career,” says Lindiwe with admiration. “She gives 100% to everything she does.”

That’s no easy task with two young children at home and a demanding role at work. Achieving and maintaining a good work-life balance is a team effort, and something the culture at PHT supports. However, Bernice’s positive and practical outlook on life also means she knows that she can’t do it all alone. She acknowledges that we all need support and that this is not a sign weakness, but rather that accepting help is a sign of strength.

Lindiwe Mmatladi, sales manager

Soft spoken yet steadfast in where she’s headed, Lindiwe Mmatladi exudes a quiet assertiveness that is crucial to building and nurturing client relationships. As sales manager, she knows that this approach ultimately translates into business success.

Deléne agrees, “Lindiwe’s role means she has to be away from home often, yet her gentle confidence means she’s not afraid to step forward for her career, while allowing her support structure to step in. It’s about trusting yourself and trusting those around you.” Lindiwe is proud to be able to encourage other women in the industry to be equal partners in their relationships – in both their professional and personal lives.

Deléne Boshoff, managing director

Leadership takes courage and there’s no better example of that than Deléne Boshoff. “Deléne’s courage inspires us all. She’s not afraid to take a leap that will drive us forward, but at the same time she’s not afraid to take responsibility either,” explains Lindiwe. To Boshoff courage means accepting a challenge, being able to adapt to change and persevering even when things get tough. “It is easy to give up,” she says, “but sticking it out in difficult times shows your true depth. I hope that by having the courage to be myself and bringing my best every day, I can show how much depth women bring to a team.

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