World’s first nutricosmetic restaurant opens its doors in Cape Town

The first nutricosmetic restaurant of its kind has opened its doors creating a buzz around Cape Town. ERTH is the culmination of umbrella company The Skin Co. which launched in January this year. This brand is steadily making its mark in the wellness and skincare industry.

Healthy radiance inside and out

The space endorses the holistic idea that what you put in your body should be as beneficial as what you put on your skin. The menu has been designed with ingredients that promote healthy radiance from the inside out. Working with four ingestible cosmetic ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen (using fish-based peptides), Resveratrol and potent Phyto Ceramides – all of which have countless benefits for the human body. These skin-loving actives are tasteless and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes on the new menu.

ERTH nutricosmetic restaurant Cape Town
ERTH is the world’s first nutricosmetic restaurant

The menu has been adapted from the original The Skin Co. cosmetic bar, offering local and sustainable fish, chicken, dairy and eggs on request; all of which are sourced from free-range farms.

The idea behind this is to be more accessible for patrons that enjoy more ‘traditional’ forms of protein. Vegan options include their widely loved omelette, waffle, crepes and more. Delicious cold-pressed juices and skin shots finish off this well-rounded menu with any of the four skin-loving actives available to be added to your chosen drink and meal.

Tofu at ERTH nutricosmetic restaurant
Black pepper sticky tofu at ERTH

Global following

ERTH is also home to The Skin Co.’s subsidiary brands Cold Pressed Skin and Instinctive by Nature. Launched earlier this year, the two brands are now widely available both online and in stores including Wellness Warehouse.

The Skin Co. entered Cold Pressed Skin in the 2019 P&C Review/ Symrise New Product Competition. 

The Skin Co. ships nationally and internationally free of charge; which has created a loyal following in places as far as Japan, Australia and the States. After five years of scientific research and development at some of the world’s most established laboratories, these brands are positioned at the forefront of natural vegan skincare.

The Skin Co. production facility is ECOCERT approved, further enhancing the company’s vision to do as little harm as possible while offering a high-quality product suitable for all skin types.

ERTH is situated on 35 Main Road, Green Point Cape Town.

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