Your guide to unlocking the yoghurt market in east and west Africa

Ingredion has developed a new guide to help manufacturers across east and west Africa navigate the growing opportunities in fermented dairy applications.

Rapid urbanisation and evolving lifestyles have triggered changes in dietary preference, food preparation and consumption resulting in strong and sustained demand for the yoghurt category.

Ingredion Meeting the Demand for Yoghurt
The ‘Meeting the demand for yoghurt’ guide explores the trends driving the growth in consumption

Meeting the demand for yoghurt

The ‘Meeting the demand for yoghurt’ guide explores the trends driving the growth in consumption, alongside the formulation and production challenges manufacturers face as they look to develop on-trend ranges, flavours and concepts. It also shares practical advice for new product development teams on how to harness ingredient functionality, rapid prototyping and label claims to successfully meet demand at scale while maintaining margins.

Helen Hook, strategic marketing manager for Starch Based Texturisers, Ingredion EMEA, comments: “With a combined population of around one billion and growing, East and West Africa presents a huge opportunity for manufacturers with the yoghurt market projected to see continued growth until at least 2024. Yoghurts are perceived as a healthy food staple that is now increasingly more affordable due to the rise in disposable incomes, also fitting into consumers changing lifestyle with increased out-of-home consumption.

“And while appetites and preferences do vary by country and region, whether set, stirred, drinking or frozen, we are seeing some universal expectations for yoghurt products that are indulgent, healthy, affordable and great quality.

“Balancing these variables can be a challenge, as the dairy industry is highly susceptible to fluctuating raw ingredient prices and sustained supply. The new guide helps development teams understand the drivers underpinning category growth, providing advice on starch functionality, and ingredient replacement to ensure sustained market and brand growth.”

Savings calculator

Alongside the ‘Meeting the demand for yoghurt’ guide, Ingredion has also developed an easy-to-use yoghurt recipe savings calculator to support manufacturers in maximising margins with starch-based texturisers. As fat reduction and protein replacement remain high on the formulation agenda, the new calculator helps dairy producers to identify how much they could save with the right ingredient solutions to maintain a delicious creamy texture, while improving shelf-life stability.

This three-part practical guide gives manufacturers access to:

• The latest yoghurt consumption trends and forecasts

• Practical insights into optimising new product development

• How to harness ingredient functionality to formulate and manufacture high-quality, great tasting products competitively.

Download your copy of the ‘Meeting the demand for dairy; a guide to unlocking the opportunities in yoghurt applications in Africa. 

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