• Full Service Q1 2019

    There are so many intricacies that go into opening and running a restaurant – from where you decide to set up shop, who you decide to hires as staff your, how you decide to decorate your space, what cuisine you decide to serve and who you choose as your suppliers – all of these could make or break your business.
    It’s not as simple as it looks. While you may have a certain idea in mind, you also have to look at current trends and predict how your target market will access your eatery and if they will continue coming back for more.

    In this edition of Full Service we look at all these concepts in detail. On page 25 we look at six things you should consider when choosing a location for your new restaurant. On page 18 master restaurant interior designer, Haldane Martin highlights some of 2019’s hottest design trends. In our Bakery and Desserts feature read up on some quality suppliers for baked goods and sweet treats. On page 28 Millstone
    Stoneground Artisan Flour spills the secret on how to make the perfect pizza. You need people who are passionate about food, hardworking and ambitious about a future in the food service industry. On page 40 we look at how Chipkins Puratos’ new Bakery School in Tembisa is changing the lives of school leavers eager to enter the food service industry.

    As always we want to update you on all the latest trends in the industry. In our Trends section we delve into two big food trends. South African consumers have avocado on the brain and desire the creamy, fresh taste of the green fruit all year round. Find out how the South African Avocado Growers’ Association is making it possible for SA-grown avocados to stay on restaurant menus throughout the year on page 16.

    You’ve probably heard of poke by now. It’s the Hawaiian dish taking the world by storm. It’s also a big part of the Bistronomy eating trend that’s become increasingly popular around the world. Chef Tamsyn Wells unpacks this trend on page 14 and provides us with some knockout recipes to illustrate the trend.

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