• Full Service Q2 2018

    Have you heard of bapsang? Have you ever tried insect-based milk? Do you know how the craft liquor movement in SA started? In this edition of Full Service we answer all those questions and more.

    New food trends, exploration of national cuisines and a focus on healthy eating are moulding the restaurant and catering industry and leading it on an exciting path.

    In February this year IOL News reported that due to the tough economic climate in South Africa, consumers were increasingly choosing to stay in rather than eat out. However, rising food prices are not just a consumer concern, it is also worrying for restaurants and catering businesses. How can you remain competitive and give diners good value for money without having to drastically increase your prices or compromise on quality? In this edition we look at how Delite Foods’ Dash of Flavour range can add delicious flavour to meals without the hefty price tag. Read more on page 13.

    Environmental concerns, health concerns and greater food knowledge are all factors influencing a different way of eating. We look at an extremely innovative dairy alternative on page 11 and find out how to cater for food allergies and intolerances on page 18.

    The craft liquor movement has been a hot topic in South Africa for a while now but it’s not reserved for trendy bars and craft beer stands at farmers’ markets, restaurants need to incorporate craft offerings into their menus. Our interview with Norman Goodfellows’ CEO Charles Kramer on page 22 looks at why craft has become so big and how restaurants can affordably stock up on these offerings.

    On our cover and page 26 Scotsman shows off its various ice machines which offer the customer flexibility and reliability. We look at what makes this company so cool.

    Our safety and hygiene feature on page 36 unpacks everything you need to know about regulations and compliance regarding health and safety in your restaurant. Retail Capital discusses the concept of business friendly funding and how this works out especially well for restaurants and catering businesses. Read more on page 40.

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