Low water use and other hygiene solutions

WC Pans consume up to 90 per cent of water usage in commercial buildings. New technology in the WC Pan range, that delivers high performance and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Franke sanitaryware and hygiene solutions

Designed for ultimate hygiene solutions and ease of installation in public ablutions, the range caters for a wide variety of applications, from recreational facilities, shopping centres, petrol stations, airports and stadiums.

Public ablutions are subjected to heavy usage and vandalism and yet, they have to look aesthetically pleasing at all times. Franke offers a wide range of basins to suit different applications that range from upmarket shopping centres to heavy-duty industrial applications.

What about the washroom?

Franke products are available to meet the criteria of aesthetics, functionality and application.  The range of laundry products covers various sectors of the industry varying from residential to industrial and public facilities. From cleaning to antibacterial products, Franke’s washroom solutions are ideal for the health of employees.

Hard-wearing sanitary facilities

Clean; hygienic and comfortable washrooms are standard amenities. Create an environment with total commitment and conscientious work for the reward.

Inviting while also durable and hard-wearing sanitary facilities should be as much a part of a modern company as leading-edge technologies in production.

Parameters such as low maintenance and service costs, energy-saving fittings and comfort define the basis of our product range. We will support you with all key decision-making criteria.

Stainless steel laundry products

Most laundry products are externally used and exposed to the elements and sunlight. Stainless Steel is highly resistant to deterioration in these applications.

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