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Cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing in Africa have grown significantly in recent years. So have health awareness and aspirational consumer trends, creating a vibrant market for beauty and personal care products. This presents an opportunity for brands to tap into the needs of African consumers by producing high quality and efficacious hair and skin care products.

The aspirational consumer is a key theme in this edition of Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review Africa – your go-to technical guide for formulating and manufacturing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in Africa.

In the pharmaceutical focus, we explore coating technologies and level sensors for tableting and encapsulation. Turn to
page 6 to find out about Pharma Spec coatings from Quantum Colours, which also offers clients a world-class tablet coating manufacturing and laboratory testing facility in South Africa.

The section on African skin care is centred on ingredients that address pigmentation concerns. Turn to page 12 to read about SymBright Plus for bright, glowing skin.

On page 14 we explore Xpozuki biotech ingredient, which acts as an all-in-one product, protecting the skin, scalp and hair against the exposome.

About 60% of the world’s population has textured hair, however only a small part of the products on the shelf address all the needs of this consumer group. AECI Specialty Chemicals helps readers understand the needs of curly, coily, wavy or kinky hair, in the feature on textured hair. Turn to page 24 for the full story.

All the technologies and ingredients featured in this edition Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review Africa are available throughout the African continent from approved distributors and resellers. Their contact details are provided in the magazine, so be sure to reach out to the suppliers for more information or to request a sample.

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