New life born into the market

Frutarom buys Unique FlavoursThe recent acquisition of Unique Flavors (Unique) by Frutarom will result in a host of new and innovative products and formulation solutions to the flavours and specialist ingredients market. Unique’s strength in savoury products, combined with Frutarom’s excellent market share in sweet flavours, means this is a perfect match.

The combined efforts of both companies will deliver a bigger basket of ingredients. ‘Together, we will offer full turnkey solutions to the industry, while remaining as flexible and dynamic as ever,’ enthuses Darell Gray, CEO of Frutarom and Johan Smith of Unique. ‘This will contribute towards significantly strengthening our position in the rapidly growing markets
in Africa. It will also capitalise on aligning our interaction within our existing activity in the region.’

‘Frutarom will work towards merging all activities, including combining research and development (R&D), sales and marketing, purchasing, production and supply platforms. We will work together towards accelerating Frutarom’s growth in the region,’ Gray explains.

The acquisition is
the second for Frutarom
in Africa. In recent years, the
company has made efforts at expanding its activity on the continent based on its manufacturing infrastructure and local and global R&D capabilities. ‘We will continue to capitalise on the cooperation generated by the acquisition. This is in line with our inauguration of a modern and state-of-the art production plant and R&D and development centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

‘Our strength lies in the synergy between the inroads made by Unique in the savoury market, and Frutarom in sweet flavours. The challenge lies in capitalising on these strengths, offering a bigger ingredient offering to our clients,’ Nir Ilani, general manager of Frutarom for Latin America, Asia Pacific & Africa, notes.

‘It is important that we are not seen as a typical multi-national by our customers. Our key operating philosophy continues to be
as flexible, dynamic and unique as a smaller company. In this sense, nothing is going to change. The acquisition is not about growing market share – this is a necessary consequence of doing good business. The purpose of the acquisition is to accelerate the organic growth we have already achieved,’ Gray emphasises.

Ori Yehudai, president and CEO of
the Frutarom Group concludes, ‘The acquisition of Unique is the continuation of the implementation of Frutarom’s rapid and profitable growth strategy
and the realisation of its vision to be
the preferred partner. It will contribute towards significantly strengthening
our position in the rapidly growing
areas of Africa. We are reinforcing our management, research and development, and sales and marketing capabilities.

‘We intend to combine Unique’s R&D and sales and marketing in platform in Africa with that of Frutarom’s global R&D and sales and marketing platform to realise and leverage cross-selling opportunities between activities. We also intend to capitalise on the synergies and savings made available by combing Unique’s activity with Frutarom’s existing activity in South Africa.’ 

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