2015 winner enters the latest Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition

NuMEThe NuMe range of low carbohydrate baking and cereal products caters to people following the Banting, Paleo or gluten free lifestyles without sacrificing on either taste or convenience. The NuMe range is exceptionally versatile, allowing consumers to whip up low carb treats like carrot cupcakes, deep pan pizza and even a two minute chocolate cake in a cup.

‘Combining healthier lifestyles like Banting and Paleo with a busy schedule can be challenging,’ says Nadine Petzer, managing director at NuMe, a division of NutriSeed. ‘Health conscious consumers are often forced to visit several different stores to find ingredients for low-carb baking or cereals.’

The NuMe range offers a convenient and healthy way to enjoy delicious low carbohydrate breads, cakes and cereals. The products combine simple, wholesome ingredients in premeasured, ready to use packages. The range is available at Dis-Chem stores nationally, as well as online via the Dis-Chem website.

Unlike other convenience foods, NuMe products are exceptionally nutritious. They contain no artificial preservatives and do not use commercial baking powder because it contains corn flour which is problematic for Banting, Paleo and gluten free diets. Most of the products have a maximum of four ingredients, all carefully sourced and of extremely high quality.

‘We mill our own sunflower and linseed flours, to keep all the omega rich oils inside the flour,’ explains Petzer. ‘Most of the other linseed flour on the market has been de-oiled which removes all the goodness from the seed.’

This milling process cracks the seeds open, exposing micronutrients, manganese, vitamin B1, and alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3. As such, NuMe’s bread and cereal products are packed with these vital, life-prolonging nutrients.

The range has two convenient options for savoury baking: a bread mixture and bread roll mix. The bread mixture is a blend of sunflower and linseed flours, while the bread roll mix is formulated with sunflower and almond flour.

For those with a sweet tooth, NuMe offers the innovative 2 Minute Cake in a Cup in two different flavours: chocolate and plain. Each package contains six single serving sachets, which allow consumers to enjoy a decadent treat without the temptation to overindulge. Both variants are made with only the finest coconut flour.

NuMe also offers a Low Carb Sweetener made from Erythritol. This healthy alternative to sugar contains just one kilojoule per gramme and, unlike many other sweeteners, has no aftertaste.

The NuMe Low Carb Cereal rounds off the range. This convenient, instant breakfast is packed with Almond, Sunflower, Flax and Coconut. It is best enjoyed with a splash of milk or water and a sprinkle of NuMe Low Carb Sweetener.

The NuMe range is extremely versatile. Each product is designed to act as a base for tasty variations on the original flavours. Adding grated carrot and pecan nuts to the NuMe Plain Cake in a Cup, for example, transforms it into a scrumptious carrot cupcake.

‘Our NuMe Bread Roll Mix turns into the most amazing deep pan pizza, when mixed and rolled out, and our chocolate Cake in a Cup can be presented as a delicate dark chocolate and orange dessert,’ says Petzer.

This year’s entrants stand a chance of winning a fully paid trip to Anuga in 2017! 

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