Sweet snacking innovation

NutriSeed has launched its very latest NuSeed Snacking sensation – Vanilla and Cinnamon Roasted Seeds with Chia and Himalayan Salt. The range has been entered in the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Nutriseed-New-Product-Competition This new variant is the first of the NuSeed Snacking variants to combine NuSeed roasting technology with confectionary snacking. A delicious base of roasted sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds have first been coated with cinnamon, vanilla, artificial sweetener (Xylitol) and mixed with Himalayan mountain salt. A truly guilt free indulgence, with a mere two grams of carbs per 100g.

Delicious guilt-free indulgence 

Choose your moment of indulgence carefully from; an impulsive snack-on-the-go, a breakfast treat sprinkled on yoghurt or cereal, an added crunch to your fruit salad. The new Vanilla and Cinnamon variant is also one of the first low carb snacking products that carries the Eat Better South Africa endorsement from the Noakes Foundation.

Packaging innovation

The variant has been launched in two pack formats: a new carton containing six individually packed 30g packs and a newly formatted five-unit strip pack with 30g packs that offers the shopper improved price points that provide better affordability.

New packaging material improves the product freshness and extends the shelf life to 12 months.

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