Award winning Innovations from Provisur Technologies

Provisur is a leading industrial food processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a global network of sales and service locations.

Provisur Hoegger X4i

With the HoeggerX3i and X4i Presses, Provisur presents industry-leading breakthroughs in advanced technology, boosting the company’s legacy HHoeggerform pressing brand. The innovative Hoegger equipment has recently been internationally recognised by placing high on Crains 2023 List of Chicago’s most innovative companies for the second year in a row, and by receiving the prestigious Italian CibusTec Award.

True to its motto ‘Pushing Boundaries’, Provisur heavily invests a portion of its revenue in research and development. In 2023 alone, the company received seven patents. The HoeggerX3i and X4i Presses was the focus of this year’s Crain’s innovation award as well the CibusTec award.

Hoegger X-Presses – maximising throughput and yield

Hoegger form presses are used for many different meat products, such as bacon, English bacon, pork loin, fresh beef, Philly Steak, and smoked and dried meat. Meat producers require standardised products that are formed to a consistent shape, and which they can then deliver to the US, the European and international markets. “The vast majority of U.S. retail bacon is Pressed and Sliced on our machines,” says Brian Perkins, president of the Mokena-based company. “Our Hoegger Presses ensure uniform product dimensions that enable efficient subsequent processing with maximum yield and reduced losses.”

Speed and precision with servo-controlled press technology

At the heart of the HoeggerX-Presses is servo-controlled hydraulic technology that provides fast and accurate pressing. The power of the central hydraulic unit is available for every axis of the hydraulic unit and is applied exactly where it is needed at any given moment. It enables precise travel profiles and controlled application of force, guaranteeing maximum yield at minimum operating costs, even with large belly deformations. The technology reduces belly cracking and keeps deep wrinkles to a minimum. The unique pressing process presses each belly to its best possible yield.

Embracing the future- industry 4.0

The Hoegger X3i and X4i Presses have an intuitive assistant for machine setup and process optimisation. User-friendly control elements simplify input while at the same time offering an audit trail that delivers complete traceability of all changes to the machines and recipe settings. Versatile loading and unloading modules enable fully automatic product lines developed with the requirements of industry 4.0 in mind. Process reliability is maximised through modern control and monitoring functions, but when needed, support can be activated via remote access. Both Hoegger X-Presses feature an open and agile development platform that enables fast and easy integration. They have fewer components and are modular so that they can be customised as required. These innovative machines with their well-thought-out hygienic design are suitable for standalone use or integration in high-performance production lines. The HoeggerX-Presses reduce operating costs while ensuring high availability to achieve a fast return on investment.

Innovation at its core

Innovation is at the heart of what Provisur does. The company has two Innovation Centres – one in Mokena, Illinois, and the other in Paris, France. Staffed with experienced application experts and food scientists, customers can test the latest food processing technologies with their products. In collaboration with Provisur engineers, product specialists and food science teams, they can experiment new formulations, brainstorm and explore the processing floor to develop applications tailored to their production lines. “We’re always trying to help our customers improve their product,” says Brian Perkins, president of the Mokena-based company. “The name of the game is quality, yield and automation.”


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