Provisur Technologies Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

The company presented a showcase of cutting-edge solutions and technologies from its renowned brands, addressing separation, forming, slicing, and other crucial processes.


The Provisur Technologies-affiliated brands stand out as technology pioneers in their industry. During Gulfood Manufacturing, Provisur specifically showcased the Formax forming system, known for its exceptional efficiency.

Separation – versatility and performance

Utilising a combination of rotation, belt, and pressing technology, the Provisur portfolio offers a distinctive capability to cover all essential separation processes for efficient production. The STS belt separator, designed for the separation of soft tissue, ensures premium results. Provisur provides solutions through machines from AM2C and Beehive, each presenting varied performance parameters that have one thing in common: achieving high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage, and other materials.

Defrosting, marinating, tumbling

A leading brand of the Provisur Group in the area of tumbling and defrosting is Lutetia, which specialises in the processing of sensitive products such as fillet requiring gentle handling during defrosting, smoking or cooking, with cooking chambers or tumbler processes.

Provisur Gulfood

Further processing – the next generation of forming technology

In the area of further processing Provisur with its brands Weilerand Formax informed visitors about the next generation of forming technology from Formax: The high-performance Formax Novamax 400 former is designed for a high processing rate in the forming of burger patties, chicken nuggets, and more.

Slicing – cutting-edge technology for all requirements

In the slicing segment Provisur gave insights into versatile solutions from Formax and Hoegger that optimally meet the diverse requirements for the required performance. Intelligent feeding solutions designed for easy integration in production lines put sliced products in the package efficiently, with no difficulties.


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