Take your poultry to premium with a branding system

Perfect grill marks on chicken are a treat for the eyes and the palette. Consumers are hungry for prepared foods and branding, and searing poultry products enhances not just appearance, but also flavour and aroma. Authentic barbecue flavours and textures take poultry products to premium and a continuous rotary brander will deliver genuine chargrilled finishes with outstanding visual appeal.

The Rotary Brander from Heat and Control
The Rotary Brander from Heat and Control

Make your mark

The Heat and Control range of quality branders can give food producers the control they need for surface enhancement when preparing and cooking high quality prepared food products. Precise control enables different finishes to be achieved through the number of burners used and the adjustment of the individual angle and height of each burner in addition to variable conveyor speed to control the exposure time.

The Rotary Brander includes a variable speed conveyor, belt rinse system for easy clean-up and self-contained combustion and control systems. The operating and combustion controls are fully pre-piped and wired to reduce installation time and costs. Remote control panels and roll-away units on casters allow for more production flexibility and can be custom made to suit specific plant requirements.

The location of a Rotary Brander in the processing line is one way that processors further differentiate their product. Placement before or after the oven will result in a different tasting end-product. The Rotary Brander allows you to continuously brand grill marks on poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables and bread for that appetising, just grilled finish.

Ready to differentiate your product from the rest?

The brand can be applied to the top, bottom or both sides, and can include custom markings such as diamonds. The floating ring top wheel can conform to variations in product thickness such as that found in chicken breast fillet. Control over branding colour is easily adjustable and there is the ability to adjust branding depth and speed to suit a product’s requirements. Standard horizontal bar or custom-designed branding wheels follow the contours of the product’s thickness.

The short footprint of the Rotary Brander appeals to many manufacturers and they can be mounted on existing cookers and conveyors or used as portable self-contained conveyorised units.

  • Brand top, bottom or both sides – Choose single- or two-sided branders for formed and naturally shaped products.
  • Custom markings – Diamond patterns and other custom markings are available as opposed to standard parallel grill stripes.
  • Easily adjustable – Quickly set branding height for different products. If branding is not required, the roll can be raised clear of the conveyor.
  • Floating ring roll – This option uniformly brands shrimp, vegetables and other products of irregular thickness.
  • Control branding colour – Adjust branding depth and speed to suit product requirements.

The Rotary Brander is available in free-standing two-side, top or bottom and includes a variable speed conveyor, belt rinse and self-contained combustion and control systems. The operating and combustion controls are fully pre-piped and wired and are available with a remote-control panel.  The Rotary Brander can also be used in combination with a direct flame searer to apply grill stripes to both or one side of a poultry product.

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